‘The Amazing Race 30’ Spoilers: Did ‘BB19’s’ Jessica Graf And Cody Nickson Win The $1 Million? [Video]

Big Brother 19 showmance Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson headed out about a month ago to compete for $1 million on Season 30 of The Amazing Race. Fans are now speculating about whether the couple won the grand prize and are looking for clues on social media as to which team may have been victorious in its TAR30 quest.

Jessica and Cody met on BB19 and their relationship was likely made stronger by their decision to travel around the world together on another CBS reality show. On October 24, Jessica tweeted that the couple would be home soon.

Just three days later, she posted images on her Instagram page that indicate that she and Cody had been spending some time in Iowa with his family, noting that they are “pretty Amazing” and gave her a “warm welcome.”

In another Instagram image, she and Cody are kissing and she writes, “He’s my Happily Ever After….”

A third photo features Cody’s daughter, Paisley, sitting on Jessica’s lap, as Cody stands next to his smiling mother and father. Jessica captioned the Instagram image with, “God Bless the broken road…,” lyrics from the 2004 Rascal Flatts song “Bless the Broken Road.”

Fans of the BB19 couple have been wildly speculating as to whether Jessica and Cody won The Amazing Race 30, as they aren’t allowed to reveal anything about the show and who made it to the end first before the season airs on CBS.

One Twitter user, @soobeach21, is certain that a cryptic tweet posted by Hollywood Reporter writer Brian Porreca was an indication that Jessica and Cody had won TAR30, writing, “JODY WON TAR30 U GUYS OMG #tar30 #bb19.”

The message written by Brian that made @soobeach21 certain about Jessica and Cody’s win read, “This seems like the perfect time for my I know something you don’t tweet. #TAR30 #BB19.”

Brian’s post may have been removed due to fan backlash, as it no longer appears on the site.

One Jessica and Cody fan, @dc222pm, tweeted that Brian needed to “stop” because he was “making the whole experience worse than it already is…”

Brian eventually posted a message stating, “I was just joking! I actually have no idea what happens. Can’t wait to watch tho!” in response to @shinigamishinz0, who tweeted “Hmmm-mm #Don’tBelieveYou.”

It appears the most recent social media posts about The Amazing Race 30 had Jessica and Cody among the final six teams in the race as the group landed in Harare, Zimbabwe, in South Africa.

Nonetheless, a YouTube video filmed several days ago appears to show teams in front of AT&T Park trying to find answers to clues. It is difficult to determine if Jessica and Cody are among the teams there, however.

Once TAR30 airs, fans will finally know for sure whether Jessica and Cody were victorious and took home the $1 million. Until then, speculation will abound and theories about the couple will continue on social media. Whatever the case, if Jessica’s Instagram photos are any indication, the couple appears to be happy and healthy and planning a long future together.

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[Featured Image by Bill Inoshita/CBS]

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