Kathy Griffin Slams TMZ Boss Harvey Levin And Bravo Head Andy Cohen In 17-Minute Video

Comedian Kathy Griffin is raising hell toward TMZ head Harvey Levin and Bravo executive producer Andy Cohen for continuing to trash her months after she posed with a bloody likeness of Donald J. Trump.

In a 17-minute video released by Griffin early Saturday, the actress states that Levin recently reached out to her to seemingly inquire about the recent comments made by her former boss at Bravo and new CNN New Year's Eve co-host, Andy Cohen, when the Watch What Happens Live lead was questioned about his connection to the 56-year-old Emmy winner earlier this week, and claimed that he didn't "know her."

Playing a voicemail from Levin that includes his private phone number, Griffin says that she has no interest in returning his phone call, but is comfortable sharing his information publicly as she was forced to field phone calls from angry Trump supporters who obtained her private info following the shock image that saw Kathy holding the head of Donald Trump earlier in 2017, as mentioned by the Inquisitr.

"Harvey Levin, a [celebrity] blogger," Kathy mentions of the TMZ producer, "is very much in bed with everyone from Hollywood [up] to Donald Trump."

Griffin goes on to say in the video that during the two month investigation which was spearheaded by the FBI and "paid with taxpayers'" money, both her mother and her sister, the latter of whom died earlier this year from cancer, as also noted by the Inquisitr, also received death threats and angry phone calls from those who supported Trump.

Griffin then inquires as to how Levin received her private cell phone number and blames celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom for the "leak."

"Who the f*** do you think you are, harassing me and calling me [at my] private number?," she asks.

kathy griffin video
Kathy Griffin blasts Andy Cohen and TMZ head Harvey Levin in a 17-minute video, calling the two men "misogynistic". [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

As for Andy Cohen, Kathy referred to the talk show host as being a "miserable boss" who "treated me really poorly" during the six years she hosted My Life On The D-List on Bravo.

Despite the alleged poor treatment, however, Griffin later says in the video that she was asked to appear on Andy's Watch What Happens Live twice, and both times, was supposedly offered cocaine by Cohen.

"Both times I did the show, right before we went live, Andy Cohen would privately ask me to [join him] to do blow. I thought he was kidding the first time. No one [who's interviewed me in the past] has ever asked me to do blow before the show, so I was hoping he was kidding," she reveals.

Neither Harvey Levin or Andy Cohen has yet to comment on Kathy Griffin's claims made in the video. The entire 17-minute clip can be viewed below.

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