'Before The 90 Days' Paul Staehle May Have An Even More Twisted Past With Women, As A Hometown Girl Speaks Out

Paul Staehle's action on Before the 90 Days has sparked quite a bit of controversy. He recently admitted on the show that he has a criminal past. It seems that may be just the surface of his issues, however.

Social media has been weighing in on all of the couples but Paul Staehle antics seem to keep in the forefront for viewers. The comments regarding him and his fiancee show a lot of concern for Karine, as it seems there are a lot of ghosts in Paul's past.

Recently a post was shared on Facebook where the author claims to have grown up with Paul Staehle. She shares some startling information, including that he was referred to as "Stalker Paul" in their hometown. She claims that he has a history of luring young women from the internet to come and live with him in Kentucky. Once there, he isolates them from their family and friends and becomes extremely possessive. She goes on to say that when he burnt down his parent's home, that was far from the worst he has done. Paul resorted to damaging the vehicle of someone that helped a girl leave him, has tried to blackmail the author into having sex with him, and lost his virginity when he was 21 years old to a 13-year-old girl.

The author of the strongly worded post addresses Paul's mother as well. She claims that Paul's mother is an enabler and instead of trying to help her son and get him help, she keeps supporting him as he continues to pursue women in questionable ways.

There have been many posts questioning the authenticity of Paul's intentions with Karine. Most fans agree with the author of the post referred to above. They agree that Karine could be making a mistake by becoming engaged to Paul and moving so far from her family.

What do you think of the claims being made against Paul Staehle? Do you feel that TLC should have checked into his past more before casting him on Before the 90 Days? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Scott Olson/Getty Images]