‘One Piece’ Chapter 884: Luffy May Have Uncovered Katakuri’s Weakness

The battle between Luffy and Katakuri is expected to heat up in the coming Chapter 884 of the hit One Piece manga series by Eiichiro Oda. One exciting possibility is that Luffy might have uncovered a weakness in Katakuri’s technique, a weakness that he can exploit to turn the battle in his favor.

Luffy May Already Know Katakuri’s Weakness

There is one exciting development in the recent One Piece Chapter 883, which is already available for online reading on a number of sites such as MangaStream. In the latest installment of the manga series, it appears that Luffy might have figured out a way to defeat the strongest Sweet Commander. In fact, the Straw Hats captain told Katakuri that he already got how his power works and even adding that while Big Mom’s second son is definitely strong, he is not invincible. Was that his way of saying that he already found a weakness in Katakuri’s technique?

The question most fans are probably asking is how Luffy will be able to defeat Katakuri, which may already happen in the upcoming One Piece Chapter 844 of the manga series. As previously stated in a previous article by the Inquisitr, there are different theories speculating on just how Luffy might be able to defeat Katakuri.

There are those who believe that Luffy might finally level up his technique by unleashing a Gear 5th attack against his opponent. Of course, there are those who also speculate that a Gear 5th might be too soon, Luffy might just develop a new Gear 4th ability to handle Katakuri or perhaps, undergo some awakening to boost his base stats. But fans should be thankful for Luffy incredible eating capacity though; it is definitely helpful and saved him not only from Cracker’s biscuit soldiers but Katakuri’s mochi as well.

Luffy’s Strength

In addition, Luffy may not be as outclassed against Katakuri as previously thought. In the previous One Piece manga chapter, he was about to attack the Sweet Commander with the Gear 4th technique Muscle Balloon but Katakuri responded by interrupting Luffy before he could complete. According to Big Mom’s second son, he would not just keep quiet and watch as the Straw Hats captain do something that will make him stronger.

In fact, Katakuri immediately unleashed his Mirror Mochi, a move intended to bury Luffy beneath tons of mocha to suffocate him. Aside from not wanting Luffy to complete a powerful move, Katakiri was apparently a little obsessed with his snack time, peeved that he had to postpone it by forty minutes due to his fight with Luffy.

Speculations on Katakuri

Speaking about Big Mom’s second son, fans finally got a glimpse of Katakuri’s entire face, especially his mouth which has always been hidden behind his scarf until now. While snacking on donuts, Luffy and Katakuri’s underlings were shocked to find that the Sweet Commander actually has sharp, fish-like fangs and a rather large mouth. This angered Katakuri who then went on to kill his men just because they have seen his true form.

Of course, Big Mom’s children greatly differ in appearance because they have different fathers. In showing Katakuri’s whole face, is it Oda’s way of hinting who his father could be? If speculations by YouTuber RogersBase are correct, Katakuri could be the son of a rather famous Fishman.

According to the YouTube channel Gear 5, Katakuri’s weakness could be due to his specialization in developing his Observation Haki and neglecting other areas. Of course, this is contrary to Luffy’s approach of mastering all forms of Haki giving him more diverse options when it comes to attack and technique combinations.

Hopefully, the fight will no longer drag on in One Piece Chapter 884 and Luffy might finally be able to get the upper hand next chapter. A lot of fans have already expressed their disappointment that, in the past 5 or 6 chapters, nothing much has happened at all and that is Luffy still continued to be the underdog.

One Piece 884 releases this week. Stay tuned for updates.


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