Jessa Duggar Uses The Weather To Preemptively Shut Down Mommy Shamers

Jessa Duggar knew that the mommy shamers would be looking for a reason to attack her when she shared a photo of her sons playing outside in the grass, so she made an attempt to block their complaints before they could even make them.

On Thursday, Jessa shared a few Instagram photos of her two sons, 23-month-old Spurgeon and 8-month-old Henry, sitting outside on the ground. The two little boys were entertaining themselves by playing with a few of the colorful fall leaves strewn about the yard, and Henry was taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather by going barefoot. In the caption of her Instagram slideshow, Jessa Duggar mentioned that the temperature was expected to approach 80 degrees on Thursday. She also shared a screenshot from her phone showing the exact temperature it was outside when the photos of Spurgeon and Henry were taken.

“Late October beauty, and a high of 78 degrees today????????????????” the Duggar daughter wrote.

Some Duggar fans took note of her inclusion of the temperature.

“Kinda sad you have to prove or even mention how warm it is just to try to curb the sanctimommy trolling,” wrote one of the Counting On star’s Instagram followers.

“I’m so glad you added the temp, Jessa! We know everyone would have been flipping out that he was going to freeze to death if you didn’t,” another remarked.

Some of Duggar’s followers speculated that she included the screenshot proving that it was a balmy 76 degrees outside because she didn’t want anyone to complain about Henry not wearing shoes. According to CafeMom, the Counting On star was bombarded with complaints from mommy shamers early last week when she shared a video of a shoe-less Henry sitting in the grass while Spurgeon threw leaves at him. Many of the criticisms were related to the younger boy’s lack of footwear. Even though the temperature was in the 70s at the time the video was filmed, the mommy shamers expressed concern about his little toes getting too cold without any coverings.

Unfortunately for Jessa Duggar, she couldn’t completely prevent her critics from complaining about her recent fall photos. One mommy shamer found another reason to fret over Henry’s bare feet.

“I suppose you’re not at least worried if getting their feet cut, bitten by fire ants or any other bugs that bites…. or how about broken pieces glasses, rust nails, to name a few,” wrote the concerned commenter.

However, according to Romper, most experts actually agree that going barefoot is a good thing when it comes to babies. Dr. Jane Andersen, a North Carolina podiatrist and past president of the American Association for Women Podiatrists, told the Chicago Tribune that this is because the muscles in babies’ feet need to be able to develop properly.

Of course, tots’ little tootsies do need to be covered when the weather gets chilly, so Henry was likely wearing warm footwear if he went outside today. According to the weather forecast that Jessa Duggar shared, the high in her hometown is supposed to be a toe-numbing 45 degrees.

[Featured Image by Jessa Seewald/Facebook]