Melania Trump’s Thong Picture Is Rising Google Search As ‘Melania Is Way Smarter Than Michelle’ Up 500 Percent

First Lady Melania Trump might have been speaking about America’s opioid epidemic on Thursday, October 26, but people using Google to search for terms related to Melania had much different issues on their minds. As seen in the below video from CBS News, Melania talked about drug addiction and its negative effect on children, along with the steps she is taking with President Donald Trump to address the public health emergency. President Trump declared the opioid epidemic an emergency, but the top searches coming into the search engine giant are not related to Melania’s speech.

According to Google Trends, searches for Melania on Friday, October 27, include the breakout search term, “Melania Trump thong picture,” which indicates it is a search phrase so popular that Google does not assign a percentage increase to the phrase. A search for Melania’s “thong picture” on social media results in memes comparing Melania to former First Lady Michelle Obama.

In many versions of the meme, Melania allegedly appears in a red bra and red thong, leaning against a Trump airplane holding a gun. The meme reads that Melania appears on the left side with a gun, thong, and boots. On the right-hand side of the photo, Michelle is shown in a black sleeveless dress with pearls. The meme’s caption says, “Remember when Republicans complained about Michelle Obama’s arms?”

Other versions of the meme simply show the alleged photo of Melania in the red thong by herself. On Twitter, folks are adding their own comments to the photo allegedly showing Melania in a red thong. On Facebook, a search for “Melania Trump thong picture” results in a variety of photos, some of Melania, others featuring what appears to be a woman dressed like Melania in a thong, resting upon a carpet designed with an official seal, as if it were in the White House.

Besides the thong hubbub surrounding Melania, Google reports that the question “How old is Melania Trump?” has increased 500 percent. Up 450 percent is the phrase, “Melania is way smarter than Michelle.” A search for that term features a variety of results, with the origin of the “Melania is way smarter than Michelle” phrase unclear. On Facebook, the phrase is attributed to Eric Trump from July 19, 2016. A meme with the following quote appears, although there is no readily available proof that Eric ever said Melania was way smarter than Michelle.

“Melania is way smarter than Michelle Obama. She’s totally intelligent. Anyone can go to law school but being a model takes a lot of brains.”

Melania Trump's Thong Picture Is Breakout Google Search Term As 'Melania Is Way Smarter Than Michelle' Up 500%
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