Kate Middleton Bonding With Meghan Markle? They Are Reportedly Besties In The Making

Turns out Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have a lot more in common than anyone thought. As Markle’s romance with Prince Harry heats up, Middleton has reportedly grown close to the Suits star and has helped her acclimate to life in the royal family.

According to Cafe Mom, Middleton has bonded with Markle over the past few months and is showing her the ins and outs of British royalty. If Harry and Markle tie the knot, then Middleton has plenty of reasons to become friends with the actress. After all, they very well could end up neighbors inside Kensington Palace. Fortunately, they both share similar interests in fashion and charity work, which is probably why they hit it off right away.

According to Daily Star, Middleton went through a similar experience with Sophie when she married William back in 2011. The Countess of Wessex helped guide Middleton through her early days with the royal family and it sounds like Middleton is passing on her knowledge as well.

That said, other rumors hint that a feud is brewing between Markle and Middleton. Insiders claim that Middleton is unhappy with how Harry’s romance is overshadowing her new pregnancy. Middleton is expecting her third baby with William and allegedly wants all the attention until the child is born. Unfortunately, Harry and Markle’s whirlwind romance has been taking over the media coverage on the royal family.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hold hands in public in their first official engagement.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hold hands in public in their first official engagement. [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

Based on the news that Middleton and Markle are actually bonding, it sounds like the ladies are getting along just fine. That, of course, could change in the coming months as we get ready for the new baby and an exciting engagement announcement. Middleton and William have not revealed the gender of their new addition, though many are speculating that it will be a boy based on the fact that Middleton wore a blue dress during her latest outing.


As far as Markle and Harry are concerned, the couple has not announced their future plans. With their romance clearly heating up, they are expected to make the wedding official in the coming weeks. They have not commented on Meghan Markle’s relationship with Kate Middleton.

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