‘This Is Us’ Halloween: The Pearsons Channel Sonny & Cher, Michael Jackson, And More—See The Pics

This Is Us has taken fans back to a variety of eras, but here’s one we haven’t seen yet: The Pearson family in the 1980s — dressed as ’70s stars. The upcoming This Is Us episode, titled “The 20’s,” will air on Oct. 31, so it’s no surprise that the episode has Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), Rebecca (Mandy Moore), and the 10-year-old Big Three (Parker Pates, Lonnie Chavis, and Mackenzie Hancsicsak) ready for Halloween. And based on the family’s costumes, they’re big into pop culture. Except for Kevin, that is, a future actor whose costume is the least creative.

NBC has released photos of the This Is Us Halloween episode, “The 20’s,” which show that for the Pearsons, Halloween is a family affair. In the episode, which will alternately be set in the late 1980s and the first decade of the 2000s, the Pearsons scare up some treats for viewers with their costumes.

For Halloween circa 1989, Rebecca and Jack dress as pop duo Sonny and Cher, and viewers can only hope they will break out into a duet of “I Got You Babe.” Young Randall (Lonnie Chavis) rocks the perfect Bad-era Michael Jackson, while Kate (Mackenzie Hancsicsak) and Kevin (Parker Bates) trick or treat as Sandy from the musical Grease and a hobo, respectively.

This Is Us celebrates Halloween in Episode 6
[Image by Ron Batzdorff/NBC]

According to The Futon Critic, the synopsis for the This Is Us episode “The 20’s” is: “Trick-or-treating with the 10-year-olds goes awry for Jack and Rebecca. Randall, Kevin, and Kate have life-changing Halloweens. ”

Parker Bates of This Is Us
[Image by Ron Batzdorff/NBC]

Spoilers for This Is Us are kept under lock and key, but at least one photo for the episode shows a distraught Randall (sans his Michael Jackson wig) being comforted by his mother Rebecca.

Lonnie Chavis and Mandy Moore of This Is Us
[Image by Ron Batzdorff/NBC]

The promo for “The 20’s” episode, which can be seen below, shows that while trick or treating, a young Kate anticipates running into a boy named Billy, a childhood crush she could possibly reunite with in her 20s when she’s working as a waitress. Viewers will also see a twenty-something Randall (Sterling K. Brown) as he prepares for first-time fatherhood.

The Big Three on This Is Us
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Halloween is not the first holiday This Is Us has celebrated. During the show’s first season, viewers spent Thanksgiving and Halloween with the supersized TV clan. In addition, with “The 20’s” episode set to debut, This Is Us has will have visited every decade from the 1950s to the present day. And maybe they’ll even go beyond. When asked to give a one-sentence tease for the upcoming episode, This Is Us executive producer John Requa joked to Entertainment Weekly, “It takes place in the year 3000.”

You can see the promo for the This Is Us episode “The 20’s” below.


[Featured Image by Ron Batzdorff/NBC]