Horror Slashers From ’80s and ’90s Team Up In New Halloween Music Video [Watch]

Halloween is just around the corner and horror slashers from a variety of infamous 20th century movies have gotten together to cover music with their own brand of poetic lyrics. Although it is not uncommon for films to do crossover or matchup films, it is rare to see them all on the big screen for a mock-music video that stands to make the Halloween holiday just a little more fun.

In what appears to be a fan-made video, the physical presence of Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, and Ghostface have all come together to poke fun at a song made famous by the Backstreet Boys at the end of the 1990s. But in all fairness, the horror slashers were not singing the tune the way it was originally composed, nor did they give it a Weird Al Yankovic makeover.

With the Halloween holiday coming up, one would think that Michael Myers might have been the lead in the horror slasher collaboration, but he took a back seat to the whole thing. Instead, horror fans got to see Jason Voorhees speaking his first words, with his hockey mask on of course. But Freddy Krueger called him out on that. We even got a special voice appearance by Sidney Prescott (Scream) in the Halloween video.

Studio portrait of a Michael Myers mask from John Carpenter's Halloween movie franchise on black background.
[Image by Willrow Hood/Shutterstock]

For those who were wondering, this video only serves to wet your appetite for a good October horror movie. There are several that can be chosen from on Halloween. But there are only a handful that actually take place on Halloween, with the exception of the Halloween franchise films.

There are also hundreds of horror movie soundtrack songs that could have been used for this, but narrowing that down to just one for Halloween might have been difficult.

This special Halloween horror slasher video was produced by the YouTube user “The Merkins” and they credited themselves as well “Taco Truck” for the production. Of course they used their own troupe of actors to fill out the horror slasher roles in the video.

Check out Slasherstreet Boys in their “Slashing Bodies” horror music video below. Horror fans should keep in mind this is actually a parody of the Backstreet Boys.

[Featured Image by Dimension Films]