'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sam In Danger, Patient 6 To The Rescue, Two Jasons Finally Face Off

General Hospital spoilers tease that Dr. Klein will stop at nothing to lure Patient 6 back even if it means using Sam (Kelly Monaco). Chaos will erupt during the party, and hired thugs will drug Sam and carry her to a secret location. The boys expect Patient 6 (Steve Burton) to track them down. After all, they know how much this man cares for Sam.

Where Is Sam?

The kidnapping will not go according to plan. Dr. Klein wants to use Sam so the escaped patient will follow his orders. However, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sam's life will be in danger. Fortunately, Patient 6 will track the men who took Sam away, and he will arrive just in time to save the woman he loves from drowning. Rescue missions are not new for the real Jason Morgan. After all, these skills are necessary to survive in the mob business.Sam will catch a glimpse of her rescuer for a brief moment and see a familiar face hovering over her.

While Patient 6 rescues Sam, Jason (Billy Miller) will realize something is wrong. He wants to know who took his wife and where they took her. Monica and Dante will give him some advice, and Jason will figure out Sonny (Maurice Benard) knows what's going on.

Given all the chaos during the celebration, General Hospital spoilers say that Sonny will have no choice but to inform Carly (Laura Wright) about classic Jason. When Jason seeks out Sonny to ask him about what just happened, the Corinthos couple will face a huge struggle.

Spoilers tease that Sonny and Carly are at a loss for words; it would be difficult to tell Jason they think he is an impostor. Sonny took Patient 6's side, but he would probably feel some guilt towards the man claiming to be Jason.

Jason, Meet Jason

While Carly and Sonny try to explain the situation to the current Jason, General Hospital spoilers tease that Steve Burton will march in carrying Sam. With Patient 6's entrance, the burden of providing an explanation now rests on the current Jason. General Hospital spoilers reveal that the meeting between the classic and current Jason will be tense.

Classic Jason thinks the current Jason stole everything from him: his face, his name, and his family. Current Jason would doubt Patient 6's claims. However, the man with classic Jason's face has the memories to prove his claim.Luckily, Sam's medical condition would be the top priority. General Hospital spoilers show that the two Jasons have to set aside their differences until they make sure Sam is safe.

What Will Sam Do?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that things will become even more complicated when Sam wakes up. Seeing Jason's old face while on the brink of death wouldn't be surprising. However, when the man claiming to be the real Jason walks in, things will be different.

There are various theories as to what Sam will do, but it will be more exciting to see how she will handle this unusual situation. Keeping secrets in Port Charles is impossible. When Franco hears about the two Jasons, Drew's existence will come to light.

As the November sweeps draw closer, General Hospital spoilers tease more drama, excitement, and mystery in the upcoming weeks.

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