WWE Rumors: Major Heel Turn Coming For Daniel Bryan Or Shane McMahon On 'SmackDown Live?'

During the final segment on Raw, Shane McMahon and the SmackDown Live roster invaded the show and sent Raw's locker room a clear message. WWE Survivor Series is a battle for supremacy and SmackDown Live intends to win by any means necessary. The WWE Universe was shocked over Shane's choice to strike first against Raw, but no one was more surprised than SmackDown's own General Manager, Daniel Bryan.

Apparently, Bryan was not informed by Shane McMahon that the attack was coming. Shane played it off as a tough call, which is a part of the commissioner's job. It was a brief, but important segment leading into an intense build to Survivor Series. The disagreement between the two authority figures of SmackDown Live happened for a specific reason. It has been speculated that a heel turn is coming for either Bryan or Shane.

Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer were talking about the possibility of Daniel Bryan turning against Shane at WWE Survivor Series. The logic would be that Bryan was both jealous of Shane for being allowed to wrestle and angry for ignoring his ideas or keeping him out of the loop for big decisions like invading Raw. A heel turn for Daniel Bryan would likely lead to a big match with Shane or him being written off WWE television.

Shane McMAhon and SmackDown Fired the First Shot
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On paper, a heel turn for Shane McMahon makes a lot more sense. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have been questioning his behavior for weeks. Suddenly, Shane makes a decision to invade Raw to send a message. A lot of people felt that made McMahon and the SmackDown Live roster act like heels. Shane's questionable decision making could be enough for him to break more rules and make Daniel Bryan the voice of reason.

WWE officials have a direction in mind for the storyline or else the segment wouldn't have closed the show this week. A heel turn is the most likely angle to take place over the coming weeks, but only time will tell if it's intended for Daniel Bryan or Shane McMahon. With Bryan's departure from the company looming, it's going to be interesting to see how his involvement will be used heading into the WWE Survivor Series PPV.

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