'Super Mario Odyssey' Is A Masterpiece, According To Reviews

Nintendo's newest addition to the Mario dynasty is Super Mario Odyssey. Mario is no longer a simple plumber from the early console days. In the new Odyssey adventure, Mario saves Princess Peach and Tiara from Browser and his diabolical planned marriage plot by transforming into almost any character, from a physician to a tyrannosaurus rex, with a quick change of his hat. If you are nostalgic for the days of 2D flat block breaking, however, have no fear. Developers have worked in a few traditional levels that seamlessly play on sides of buildings, bedrock, or on the side of a giant cube.

In a charming dance between old and new, Super Mario Odyssey has amazed reviewers all over the world. The game has been called a brilliant addition and features a play style never seen before from the technology giant. Clocking in with numerous 10/10 reviews, the newest Nintendo fusion of new and classic had some reviewers literally applauding the end credits.

Players are not limited to the storyline and are free to explore the game as they progress or even after the end credits roll. Since you can take over other characters in the game by utilizing their hats, the possibilities are endless. Would you like to be a Goomba for a while? Steal his hat! Fancy crushing the world as a massive T-Rex? The magic hat will make it possible!

In spite of the stellar reviews, there is one main complaint that seems to be common across reports. The Nintendo Switch Controls can be complicated and complex moves can require three or more buttons pressed at once. Some reviewers find this annoying or awkward, but most seem to agree that this is a minor problem that does not affect the majority of gameplay.

The consensus is that Nintendo has hit a home run with this masterpiece. Players are able to enjoy familiar characters in high definition with new storylines and abilities. No longer are you limited to one story or profession in the Mario Universe. Tip and throw your hat to become a hero, a villain, an animal, or all of them in your journey through Odyssey.

[Featured Image by Nintendo]