'Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Bill Blows Up Spectra Fashions With Liam And Sally Inside! [VIDEO]

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from this week's CBS Soaps in Depth reveal that Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) won't give up on his dream of building his hulking skyscraper. Bill falls back on his plans to wreck Spectra Fashions to build his dream building. It looks like Liam Spencer's (Scott Clifton) plan to give Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) the title to her property might have had a loophole. Liam bought the property and then handed it to her, but with Bill back as CEO, it looks he twists things to suit himself.

Steffy wants Sally gone – Bill double crosses Liam

Bill will further justify his actions to take down Sally as the best thing to do for Liam and Steffy Forrester's (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) marriage. Steffy feels threatened by Liam's attention to Sally, and Bill thinks Liam is disrespecting his wife by helping Sally. B&B spoilers from She Knows Soaps reveal that Steffy expresses her annoyance with Liam because he won't cut Sally out of his life. Bill is using Steffy's discontent to justify what he does next. And what he does next is awful and dangerous.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers in this week's CBS SID reveal that Liam discovers Bill has undermined his gesture to Sally. Bill lied and said he was sorry for burning down Spectra, but he's not. Bill proves he's was lying when he takes aim at Spectra again. He feels no remorse, and since he can't have Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang), he's determined to have his skyscraper. Liam realizes he left a loophole that Bill can use and tries to get his dad to compromise and not ruin Spectra Fashions.

Liam warns Sally of Bill's betrayal – disaster looms

Even though Bill snakes the Spectra property out from under Sally, Liam isn't done playing hero to Sally, according to the latest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. When Liam can't stop his dad from yanking the deed to Spectra, Liam goes to warn Sally that she's losing the building and a wrecking ball is heading to Spectra Fashions in the near future. The problem is that Liam doesn't know just how soon it will happen. The new CBS SID cover shows the caption "kaboom" and asks if Bill killed his son Liam.

Bold spoilers from Soap Central say that Halloween has a "horrible Halloween encounter." Horrible doesn't even begin to cover it. While Liam heads to Spectra to warn Sally, it seems that the Spectra Fashions gang is enjoying an impromptu Halloween celebration for their new start. Liam shows up to warn them, and then things take a dangerous turn. Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears) tries to get in touch with Bill to warn him that Liam is at the Spectra building, but Bill ignores the messages.

Spectra goes boom – Liam trapped

Since Bill saw his plans to take down Spectra crushed before, he doesn't want to take any risks. Bill decides he needs to rush the destruction of the Spectra building before anything gets in his way. The latest B&B spoilers promise that Bill won't be stopped, and with no idea that Liam, Sally, and others are in the building, he pushes a button to make Spectra go boom. Bill is thrilled as he watches the building he hates implode to make room for the building he covets.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers promise that no sooner than Bill chuckles because he got what he wanted, he finally notices the backlog of messages on his phone from Justin. Bill goes from thrilled to terrified in a split-second when he realizes that his son was in the building – as were others – and he might have just gone from media mogul to murderer with the press of a button. Bill scrambles to find out if his son is alive and what's next for him. All these exciting B&B spoilers leaked on Twitter today.

This is so much worse than the arson. Bill could be in real trouble this time with no chance at forgiveness from anyone for his actions. Surely, Liam and Sally will survive, but it would be a miracle if everyone makes it out of the blown up building alive. November sweeps are off to an explosive start next week. Check back often for the latest updates on these shocking Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

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