‘Tales From The Borderlands,’ ‘Nights’ Headline Free Xbox Games With Gold Titles For November

The free Xbox One titles for November’s Games with Gold lineup was announced Thursday. Microsoft is bringing current-gen titles like Tales from the Borderlands and Trackmania Turbo to the console next month along with Xbox 360 games Nights: Into Dreams and Deadfall Adventures.

The November Games with Gold will start on the first of the month with Trackmania Turbo and Nights: Into Dreams. The former will be available to download for free through the end of the month, while the latter will only be available through November 15.

The deck of free Xbox games is shuffled on November 16 with Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands and Deadfall Adventures. Once again, the Xbox One title will be available for one month, while the backward compatible Xbox 360 game will only be available through the end of November.

As a reminder, there is a slate of current Xbox One and Xbox 360 free games that will be going away soon. The Xbox 360 shooter Medal of Honor: Airborne will only be available through Tuesday, October 31 along with walking simulator Gone Home. Meanwhile, the puzzle-based adventure The Turing Test will hang around until November 15.

Trackmania Turbo

Crazy racing awaits in Trackmania Turbo.
[Image by Ubisoft]

This is the latest entry in the long-running arcade racer series from Ubisoft. Trackmania Turbo comes with more than 200 extreme tracks that can be unlocked through time trials in single-player. Multiplayer does put you into competition with up to 30 other players, but it is more like a ghost competition as you don’t have to worry about bumping into them. The game also comes with a track creator so players can create their own insane tracks filled with loops, jumps, obstacles, and more.

Trackmania Turbo earned a 75 overall review score on Metacritic, with most of the complaints focusing on the lack of depth with everything so focused on the time trial races.

Nights: Into Dreams

Nights Into Dreams is a fantastical HD remake of the Sega Saturn platformer.
[Image by Sega]

This remake of the Sega Saturn 3D classic platformer returned in 2012 with updated HD graphics, achievements, leaderboards, and extra content. The game goes through dreams and nightmares in the fantastical land of Nightopia with the titular character Night attempting to stop Wizeman the Wicked and his minions. It also includes the additional levels from Christmas Nights.

Nights: Into Dreams received an overall Metacritic score of 72 primarily because it is simply a product of its time. Platformers have evolved greatly since 1996 and the gameplay is more nostalgic than anything.

Tales from the Borderlands

This choice and consequence adventure title may not have sold as many copies as some of Telltale Games’ other titles, but it is regarded as one their best. Tales from the Borderlands takes place on Pandora after the events of Borderlands 2 and follows the stories of Rhys and Fiona as they attempt to swindle and con their way to the top.

The Xbox One release of Tales from the Borderlands received an overall Metacritic score of 88. The game was praised for its strong narrative and great characters.

Deadfall Adventures

Deadfall Adventures attempts to bring the high adventure world of Allan Quartermain to consoles as a first-person action game in the vein of the Uncharted series. Unfortunately, this attempt was largely forgettable between poor voice acting, poor gameplay, and bugs. It is no surprise the game earned a 43 Metacritic score.

[Featured Image by Telltale Games]

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