'Days Of Our Lives' Rumors: Nicole And Holly Will Return To Salem For The Holidays, What Can Fans Expect?

Days of Our Lives fans recently saw Nicole and Holly uneventfully leave Salem. Brady's threats were enough to convince Nicole that her only option was to leave town alone with her child. The exit was disappointing to many fans for several reasons. Her return for the holidays could lead to a proper exit for the strong woman fans know her to be.

The following will contain spoilers for Days of Our Lives. If you don't want to know what is coming, now is the time to stop reading.

Nicole had suffered heartbreak and loss on Days of Our Lives for years. In her final days on the set, things got no better for the beloved Salem resident. She had finally realized that Eric was the love of her life, and wanted to build a life with him. Brady, however, refused to let that happen and blackmailed her. His threats to turn her in as the murderer of Deimos were enough for Nicole to break Eric's heart and quietly leave town.

Fans of Days of Our Lives found Nicole's exit to be disappointing. She was once a very independent and head-strong woman on the show. The last couple of years, she has become dependent on the man in her life, of which there have been several. Fans had hoped for either the return of the strong Nicole making a choice to be a single mother or Nicole finally finding true love and starting a future with Eric.

The mystery of who killed Deimos has been in question for far too long. Considering all the problems within the Salem PD, it seems that the hunt for the killer has fallen by the wayside. According to TV Fanatic, soon there will be changes in Salem that clear the way for Nicole's return. They suggest that the one responsible for the knife in Deimos' chest is finally caught, but it isn't Nicole.

Nicole and Holly will be returning to Salem for Christmas. Could she and Eric end up under the mistletoe together for a long-awaited reunion? Do you hope to see her finally find the happiness she deserves? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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