Christian Slater’s ‘Playback’ Is The Lowest Grossing Theatrical Film Of 2012

Actor Christian Slater’s indie horror flick Playback has the distinction being the lowest grossing film of 2012.

To the its credit, the feature only played on one screen for a week back in March. Unfortunately, the picture’s extremely low theatrical earnings gave it the honor of having the lowest box office gross of the year.

According to the Daily Mail, the film’s opening weekend earnings were around $252. The movie brought home an additional $12 just seven days before being pulled from the screen. Overall, the flick only generated $264.

Playback quietly arrived on home video in the US on May 8. Folks who subscribe to such streaming services as Netflix or Amazon Prime can watch the film in the comfort of their own homes right now.

Worst Previews reports that Tom Sizemore’s thriller Zyzzyxx Road has the distinction of being having the lowest grossing weekend in history. The film only managed to earn around $30 during its theatrical run.

To be perfectly fair, both Zyzzyxx Road and the Christian Slater horror film Playback were low budget, independently financed features operating just outside of the Hollywood machine. In regards to Playback, the movie only opened in one theater without much promotion. Sadly, this still qualifies the feature as a candidate for the lowest grossing theatrical film of the year.

The aforementioned horror film didn’t do too badly when compared to the box office disappointment that was Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure. The Inquisitr previously reported that the film only managed to generate around $448,000 in over 2,160 theaters during its opening weekend. That boils down to roughly $200 per theater, which is actually a bit worse than Playback’s opening weekend figures.

A trailer for the film has been included below.