Twitter hell breaks loose in England

At the end of October I wrote a post here telling how Stephen Fry, England’s best know Twitterer was thinking about calling quits his love affair with the service. It all centered around a message on Twitter from one @brumplum who messaged “Much as I admire and adore the chap, they are a bit… boring,”.

Now in the scheme of things the message on a scale of one to ten for insult value barely registers above one. This didn’t stop Fry from letting it get to him. It should be noted that Fry has been very open about how he suffers from depression and is bipolar so quite possibly this message hit him at the wrong time.

However the reaction to the incident by the many fans of Stephen was fast and furious (Tworm?). In a Twitter instant @brumplum, or Richard as he is known to friends and family, suddenly found himself facing an onslaught of truly mean and abuse Twitter messages.

When Mr. Fry’s followers heard of his distress, they tended to do two things: offer their support and criticize his perceived antagonist. And suddenly Richard from Birmingham, who says on his Twitter profile that he writes “one-line movie reviews, and more,” found himself the target of a stream of unpleasant, even abusive, tweets. Among the most upsetting, to him at least, were those from the well-known British actor and comedian Alan Davies. Mr. Davies, who is a friend of Mr. Fry’s and has more than 104,000 Twitter followers, called Richard a “moron,” and worse.

Source: The New York Times

The end result of all this?

Well we still don’t know if Stephen Fry will be sticking around Twitter or not but the controversy sure hasn’t hurt @brumplum’s follower count. Before all this started he had 340 followers and now upon checking his Twitter page we see it has climbed very nicely to almost 1,500.