Julie Chrisley Shares Hilarious Nanny Faye Costume While Todd Chrisley Adorably Praises Son For Good Grades

Todd and Julie Chrisley always know best, especially when it comes to silly Halloween costumes and their beloved children.

Today, Julie Chrisley poked fun at her mother-in-law, Faye Chrisley, by sharing a hilarious photo of a Halloween costume that was made in her honor. The costume, titled the “Nanny Faye Costume Kit,” was a fake costume put together by USA Network, the channel that hosts Chrisley Knows Best. Included in the costume is Nanny Faye’s signature blonde wig as well as a drinking glass with a pineapple straw.

In the caption, Julie asks, “can’t we all just be Nanny Faye?” before telling fans to just add “love of gambling” to complete the costume. Even though the hilarious get-up is not actually for sale, Julie’s fans chimed in on the costume, with some calling it a “riot.”

“Omggggggg this is amazing lol,” one fan said.

“If only this was real, I’d have my grandma right in this,” another chimed in.

In less than an hour of being posted, the reality star’s army of 400,000 plus Instagram followers definitely showed the love by giving the photo over 2,400 likes as well as over 60 comments. At this pace, Julie will have hundreds of fans sharing their thoughts on the costume by the end of the day.

Can’t we all just be Nanny Faye? Just add #loveofgambling #chrisleyknowsbest #accordingtochrisley

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Clearly, Julie isn’t the only member of the Chrisley family who can be funny. In a post last night, Todd shared a photo of his son Grayson’s Science test. The post started off heartfelt with Chrisley exclaiming that he is “so proud” of Grayson for killing it at school this year and receiving a 100 percent on a recent test. But in true Chrisley fashion, Todd ended the post with a joke.

“He makes it so easy to love him until he said ‘dad, were you alive in the 50’s?'”

While many fans ended up applauding the 10-year-old for excelling in school, others couldn’t help but joke around with Todd over his son’s pun.

So proud of my @graysonchrisley, he’s killing it in school this year, he makes it so easy to love him until he said ” dad, were you alive in the 50’s?”

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“Haha. My kids will look at me and say ‘Mom, did you have these when you were a kid back in the olden days.’ I’m 31,” one fan sympathized.

“That is a valid question Dad,” another follower joked.

Like his wife, Todd received a ton of traffic on his most recent post. His following of 1.5 million fans showed the love by giving the silly photo over 19,000 likes as well as over 200 comments. Not surprisingly, Todd’s other children, Savannah and Chase, also gave the photo a like.

Earlier this year, the Chrisley family cashed in on their popularity by signing a reported $75 million production contract, according to Us Magazine. The family’s show, Chrisley Knows Best, has been a ratings giant for USA Network since it began in 2014.

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