‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Finale Spoilers: Most Shocking Death Of All Time About To Happen?

The Walking Dead spoilers and rumors are revealing that Season 8 could be the most heartbreaking and dramatic season yet, and viewers may be in for a shocking new storyline if the show decides to kill off a very beloved character.

Warning: Major possible Walking Dead spoilers below. Do not read past this point if you don’t want to be spoiled about upcoming storylines!

According to a shocking Reddit post with information via The Spoiling Dead, a Walking Dead fan community who have been known to provide very accurate spoilers about the show, there is likely a very big death coming in the Season 8 mid-season finale. Although the TSD reveals that these rumors are “unconfirmed,” they do have evidence to support the claims of their sources.

The Walking Dead mid-season finale will include a huge battle at Alexandria. There will be many fiery explosions and lots of gunshots. Separate sources are telling TSD that it appears one main character will lose their life during the battle, and that the character is none other than Carl Grimes, Rick’s son. Multiple sources have revealed that Carl’s death was seemingly filmed in the studio with “corresponding scenes” being filmed at the Alexandria set near the gates.

It seems that Walking Dead fans could see Carl Grimes fall in the mid-season finale, which would be the season’s eighth episode, with the aftermath of his alleged death and his body being discovered in the mid-season premiere.

These spoilers are still unconfirmed, but rumors that Carl struggles with an enemy and is possibly stabbed are now circulating online. The group also suggests that it appears actor Chandler Riggs hasn’t been filming for the show since late August, supporting the theory of Carl’s death even more.

Of course, if these rumors are true, fans will absolutely shocked by Carl’s death. As many Walking Dead viewers know, Carl is still very much alive in the comic book series, and killing the character off of the show would alter the comic storyline greatly. However, there is also the chance that Judith could take over some of Carl’s storyline from the comics.

Other fans are hoping that if actor Chandler Riggs wanted off the show, there could be a time jump in which an older actor could be cast in the role. Remember, nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but Walking Dead fans will likely be keeping an eye on Carl as Season 8 progresses.

What are your thoughts on the latest shocking Walking Dead spoilers and rumors?

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