‘Fortnite’ Update Adds Halloween Event, Introduces Hexsylvania Zone And New Character Appearances

On October 26, the Fortnitemares event will start in Epic Game’s co-op survival game, Fortnite. The current Horde Bash event will end, and Scavenger Llamas will be replaced with Spooky Llamas in the store. Players can build and survive in new quests within the all-new Hexsylvania zone. Save up enough candy to purchase the unique Spooky Llamas to receive a bounty of loot, including some new event-themed items.

The Hexsylvania zone includes about 25 quests for the duration of the event, where Fortnite players will find creepy variants of enemies. Builders and combatants will encounter the Pumpkin Head Husk and the Vampire Taker, for instance. Like the Horde Bash event, a special llama will be available during Fortnitemares, which includes new loot. New weapons like the Pumpkin Launcher and the Grave Digger are perfect for taking out these new foes.

Similar to the way that players earned Scavenger Tickets to unlock Scavenger Llamas, players will receive candy to buy the new Spooky Llama. Most likely, candy will be rewarded for completing quests specific to the revelry. These unique event llamas are a good way to obtain existing and new Fortnite items in the game just for playing during the event. The Fortnitemares event will add eight new character cards to collect, according to the game’s website.

Fortnite PvE event for Halloween starts later this week
The new Ninja, Outlander, Constructor, and Solider appearances. [Image by Epic Games]

These eight new heroes are themed for the event, including new appearances sure to send husks running. Each Fortnite class has two new costumes, with one for each of gender. New Constructor cards include a Kyle variant wearing a hockey mask and a version of Penny with cat ears and a painted nose. The themed Ninja heroes are Sarah and Ken variants. Ken is dressed in a llama costume while Sarah is dressed as a mummy.

As for Outlanders, Fortnite players will find a new vampire A.C. card that outfits him in a top hat and a new Jess option that makes her look like Beetlejuice. Finally, the two Solider characters are also dressed up for the holiday. Jonesy is all in black with a white skeleton painted on him while Ramirez looks like a neon zombies.

New outfits and hero cards in the Fortnitemares event
The other four appearances for the Constructor, Solider, Ninja, and Outlander. [Image by Epic Games]

Players will not be able to stock up on Scavenger Tickets to unlock Spooky Llamas since they will require candy to unlock instead. When the Fortnitemares event begins, players with remaining Scavenger Tickets will not carry those tickets over to the new event. Fewer than 1,000 Scavenger Tickets will not be converted into anything. Increments of 1,000 Scavenger Tickets will automatically be redeemed for a Scavenger Llama.

The Fortnitemares event starts later this week, adding new Halloween content to the PvE side of Fortnite. Although the Fortnite Save the World PvE campaign will be free to play in the future, the game is currently in early access. Players will need to buy a Founder’s Pack in order to play right now.

The survival building game can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Currently, Fortnite is discounted for the Sale of the Dead promotion on the PlayStation Store and the Shocktober sale on the Xbox One Store. The PC version is also on sale from Epic Games via the Fortnite website.

[Image by Epic Games]