Neve Campbell Explains Why She Named Her Son ‘Caspian’

Neve Campbell, star of Party Of Five and The Craft and recent addition to the Grey’s Anatomy cast, has been attending to a different kind of fan base these days — the kind that appreciates her diaper changing skills.

Neve Campbell is now 39 and mother to a five-month-old boy, whose unusual name, Caspian, was the topic of conversation when the star showed up on The Talk to chat earlier this week. Campbell talked one of the hottest celebrity mom topics — baby names — and like many of her peers, has selected a unique name for her new baby boy, dishing on how she picked it.

As People points out, Campbell herself has a different moniker, and when it came to naming her baby, the star says she considered her own experiences growing up with a name that wasn’t “Jennifer” or “Melissa.”

Although Campbell’s name sounds a bit like the Irish “Nieve,” the actress says that her mother’s maiden name became her first, and she wanted the same meaningful choice for her own child:

“We looked through a lot of books and I liked the idea of a unique name … I like having a unique name — it’s [my mom’s] maiden name, Neve — and not a lot of people have it. It’s nice having something special and different and so I wanted something like that for our son.”

Campbell and Caspian’s dad, JJ Feild, compiled a list and whittled it down to five possible baby names — waiting until they met the baby to figure out what fit:

“We decided that we’d wait and see and meet him and then decide … And … when he was born we realized we could only remember one and that was Caspian, so it seemed like it was right.”

Below, Neve Campbell talks about Caspian’s name and how the new parents picked it: