Josh Duhamel Says Tim Tebow Is No Quitter [Video]

Josh Duhamel has responded to “Tim Tebow quitter” statements, with the Transformers actor defending Tim Tebow against ESPN’s Merril Hoge. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Tim Tebow has been battling allegations that he’s a “quitter” because the New York Jets have decided to run him as the third string quarterback. In response, the rumor had Tim Tebow quitting on his team and refusing to be a part of the wildcat offense.

According to the New York Times, the rumor that calls Tim Tebow a quitter may have been started with a miscommunication with Coach Rex Ryan:

“[Tim] Tebow said he simply told Coach Rex Ryan that he wanted a shot at being the regular quarterback, not a Wildcat one. This came after Ryan passed him over and decided to start the third-stringer Greg McElroy. Tebow said he conveyed his disappointment to Ryan, and he allowed that there might have been a misunderstanding: Ryan might have taken the message to mean that Tebow didn’t want to participate in the Wildcat at all.”

Merril Hoge made waves on ESPN when he claimed Tim Tebow was “as phony as a three-dollar bill,” then proceeded to call on non-existent Denver Broncos fans who supposedly were longing for Tim Tebow’s presence over Peyton Manning. Hoge went one step further and kept attacking Tim Tebow on Twitter:

“Any bronco fan still think they would be better with Tebow? I’ve not heard much noise lately? Curious??”

Josh Duhamel responded on Twitter:

“hey merril. Josh Duhamel here. Wondering why you’re such a jealous [expletive] about Tebow? He’s 10x the player you were.”

As you can see in the tweet, Josh Duhamel called out Hoge, who, prior to becoming an ESPN football commentator, was a Steelers fullback in the 1990s. As a comparison, Merril Hoge had 34 touchdowns over eight years while Tim Tebow has 12 over three. So it’s possible to speculate that if given a chance Tim Tebow could easily eclipse Hoge in his glory days.

The writers over at Yahoo Sports have an interesting idea for how the Twitter exchange could finish:

“Hoge could shoot back and say that Duhamel got out-acted by CGI robots in the “Transformers” flicks, but that wouldn’t be sporting.”

Ouch. What do you think about Josh Duhamel defending Tim Tebow’s reputation as not being a quitter?