‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Shervin Roohparvar And Annalise Carbone: A Relationship Update

Are Shervin Roohparvar and Annalise Carbone still in a relationship together? On the Shahs of Sunset Season 6 reunion show that aired on Sunday night, Annalise, via a video call, defended her relationship with Shervin. After the cast filmed the reunion show in September, Shervin and Annalise have continued to remain coy about their relationship. They have still not posted photos of one another on their social media pages and have not directly answered viewers’ questions on whether they’re still together. Yet they have left clues that point to the fact that not only are they on good terms with one another, but that they’re still dating.

On the reunion show, Annalise said that she and Shervin mutually made the decision to be in a non-monogamous relationship given their distance from one another. Annalise maintained that since they decided to not be monogamous, Shervin was free to be with other women and so she wasn’t bothered by people’s claims that he cheated on her.

“Yes, we are [in an open relationship]. I think it’s extremely foolish and totally asinine while I’m here on this side of the word and he’s there, to expect him to be monogamous to me.”

When host Andy Cohen asked Annalise if she was dating other people, she said she wasn’t, but that if she wanted to, she could. Annalise added that Shervin technically wasn’t cheating on her.

“You can’t cheat on someone when you’re not in an exclusive relationship.”

Some of Shervin’s cast mates, however, Mercedes “MJ” Javid in particular, didn’t buy Annalise’s explanation. When Annalise appeared on Shervin’s tablet, MJ immediately walked off. When she came back onstage, MJ made it clear that she thought that Annalise was just parroting what Shervin coached her to say and that Shervin was putting up a fake image for the show.


The Shahs of Sunset Season 6 reunion show taped on September 16. On October 2, Shervin Roohparvar appeared on Watch What Happens Live alongside his good friend and cast mate Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi. During the after-show, a viewer asked Shervin if he was still with Annalise Carbone and if he sees a future with her. Shervin told the viewer to keep watching the season as that would answer that question for her, “in a good way.” GG chimed in to reveal that she and Shervin were going to Australia in two days, implying that he was going there to see Annalise.


While Shervin and Annalise didn’t post photos of themselves hanging out in her hometown of Sydney, someone did post a comment on one of Annalise’s recent Instagram photos saying that it was a pleasure meeting her and Shervin at the Opera Bar, which is located in the Sydney Opera House. Annalise thanked the fan for her positive comment.

“patty_zc19: You are so gorgeous @annalisecarbone don’t listen to anyone ppl are jealous it was a pleasure meeting you and @alphasherv at the opera bar I wish you both happiness????

annalisecarbone: @patty_zc19 aww thank you! Such a pleasure meeting you both as well, thank you so much xx”


Annalise also agreed with a viewer who wrote that people need to stop judging other people when they don’t even really know them.

“linda_a_dorio: Phoarrrrrrrrrr whoot whoot???? @annalisecarbone / And can people please stop judging other people when you don’t know anything about them – worry about yourself / the world needs more ❤️

annalisecarbone: @linda_a_dorio exactly????????”

It seems that not even a shocking allegation by Reza Farahan can tear Shervin and Annalise apart. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Reza, during his own Watch What Happens Live appearance last week with Mike Shouhed, claimed that Shervin tried to have sex with Golnesa’s sister, Leila. Reza implied that Shervin tried to do that during his relationship with Annalise. Reza further proclaimed Shervin to be the biggest con artist on the show.

Shervin responded to Reza’s claim by posting a long message that characterized Reza as a jealous, bitter and resentful middle-aged man who goes after people because he has nothing going on in his life.


Annalise Carbone responded to Shervin Roohparvar’s post with some supportive emojis, the praying hands emoji, the OK hand sign emoji, and the raising hands emoji, indicating that she’s sticking by his side and cheering him on.

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