Taylor Swift’s Bodysuit, Alleged Boob Job, And Weight Gain Questions Arise After Singer’s Instagram Video

Taylor Swift fans have plenty of questions in the wake of the sneak peek of Swift’s “…Ready For It?” music video. As seen in the below video from Taylor’s Instagram page, Swift stars as a sexy cyborg that apparently has a penchant for nude bodysuits. At least according to Google Trends, searches for “Taylor Swift bodysuit” have increased 90 percent in the hour since the sneak peek video was released. The term “Taylor Swift boob job” has increased 100 percent in the same time period, according to Google, along with the term “Taylor Swift without makeup” and “Taylor Swift weight gain.” That’s likely because Taylor appears more buxom than she normally appears, with her thighs looking like the firm quads of a woman who lifts weights.

The 27-year-old Swift is getting such a big reaction to her “…Ready For It?” music video teaser that people are writing about their reactions to the singer’s seemingly nude or bodysuited body under the #readyforitmusicvideo Instagram hashtag. The bodysuit shows lines on Taylor’s body in varying scenes that display her among lightning bolts, a crystal ball, and futuristic action. As reported by the Daily Mail Taylor usually doesn’t show off her body as much as other female singers, so to see Swift appear either naked or in a nude-colored bodysuit is shocking to her fans.

According to EW.com, Taylor’s fans will have to wait until Thursday in order to see the full “…Ready For It?” music video and perhaps get some of their questions answered about Swift’s alleged bodysuit or any boob job queries that are being posed of Google. As seen in Instagram comments about Taylor’s new video, many people are praising Swift for the way she appears in the video — bodysuit or naked. Others are asking why Swift is taking an Illuminati bend with her latest looks. Comments like those below, which praise Taylor for putting cats inside a crystal ball, are being published regarding the new sneak peek.

Plenty of people are writing that they are definitely ready for Taylor’s new video, while others are writing that they are not ready for it.

“And putting her cats inside the crystal ball a PLUS.”

“She’s naky.”

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