Behati Prinsloo Shows Off Second Pregnancy Cravings As Candice Swanepoel Celebrates Baby Birthday On Instagram

When Behati Prinsloo and Candice Swanepoel, both African models and Victoria’s Secret angels, got pregnant, they showed signs of one-upping each other on Instagram as they documented their journey toward motherhood. But a lot has changed just in the past year as their babies turned 1-year-old. As Candice is solidifying her fashion industry comeback, Behati is delaying it with a second pregnancy.

The 28-year-old Namibian model revealed that she is pregnant again right before her baby daughter’s first birthday. She did so by posting a never-been-seen-before baby bump selfie with a caption that read, “Round 2.”

This post was met with surprised reactions and good wishes from her fans, who expected her to make her way back to modeling as she recovered from her first pregnancy.

“Congratulations! Yay!” one fan commented.

While having another baby as her career is taking off seems like a risky move, it looks like Behati Prinsloo has no qualms moving forward with her pregnancy. She even is documenting her everyday life with her baby daughter and husband, Adam Levine, on her Instagram Stories.

The most recent clip that she recorded for her fans showed that she is right in the middle of some intense cravings as she makes her way from the first trimester to second. Her Instagram Stories revealed that she is craving “apples with Tajin seasoning,” according to People Magazine, more than ever and that Adam is doing his best to serve her needs.

One of the clips showed that the Maroon 5 singer brought home a milkshake and french fries from Fatburger for his pregnant wife.

“OMG I have the best husband,” she wrote on the picture that showed Adam’s spoils from Fatburger.

Just because she is pregnant with her second baby doesn’t mean that Behati has totally given up on her career in fashion. She may not be modeling bikinis and lingerie for Victoria’s Secret, but she is collaborating with SKII to keep her net worth high.

She even remembered to make a special post to celebrate Candice Swanepoel’s birthday.

As a matter of fact, Behati is much more active about her career on Instagram than Candice. Ever since having her baby son, the South African model has completely embraced motherhood, posting endless pictures of her son and images that express her feelings about motherhood. While Behati posted a picture with her husband to show how she celebrated her baby daughter’s birthday, Candice posted an intimate picture with her son to celebrate her little angel turning 1.

Not getting pregnant again meant that Candice got to immerse herself in Fashion Week runway events this year. She walked for Versace, Bottega Veneta, and more this fall season, and she is set to make her comeback at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Do you think Behati’s second pregnancy will change her modeling career forever? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images]