‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 115 Spoilers: New Super Warrior’s Identity Confirmed!

Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power mostly revolved around Son Goku, Hit, and Jiren, who are considered as three strongest mortals in the World of Void. However, the latest DBS spoilers confirmed the birth of a “new super warrior” that could make the tournament more interesting. Will Caulifla and Kale fuse to become the “new super warrior”?

In the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, Cabba decided to face Monna of Universe 4 in order to let Kale and Caulifla regain their stamina. After losing Hit, Cabba has strong belief that the two female Saiyans are the only hope of Universe 6. Despite being eliminated by Frieza, Cabba succeeded with his mission to buy time for Kale and Caulifla, who are now both ready to return to action.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 will be featuring the battle between Son Goku and Caulifla. After seeing the Ultra Instinct transformation, Caulifla can’t help herself but ask Goku to fight her. Kale will end up joining Caulifla in the fight and expected to transform into Berserker Super Saiyan. The battle between the Saiyans will continue in Dragon Ball Super Episode 114, but it will also feature the birth of a “new super warrior.”

Since the information about the next two episodes leaked, there have been numerous speculations about the “new super warrior.” These include the fusion of U4’s Cicadas, U6’s Namekians, and U3’s Mega-Robot. The latest DBS spoilers hinted that the “new super warrior” could be the fusion of Caulifla and Kale.


Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 is entitled “Goku vs Kefura.” Kefura could be the combined name of Caulifla and Kale after using the fusion technique. In the upcoming episode, Goku is about to teach the two female Saiyans how to transform into Super Saiyan 3. However, with the emergence of fighters like Jiren and Toppo, the said transformation is obviously not enough to give the Universe 6 a chance to survive in the tournament. This leads to the speculation that Goku will also teach them the fusion technique.

After losing Hit, most people see the Universe 6 as the next universe to be erased. However, if the “new super warrior” is really the fusion of Caulifla and Kale, there is a higher possibility that the Universe 6 could last a little longer. By facing another formidable opponent, Goku will have the chance to become stronger. Fighting Kefura might also help him to have another Ultra Instinct transformation.

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