Jay Cutler Injured, Matt Moore Saves The Day: Miami Dolphins Fans Thank Moore For 31-28 Victory, Mock Cutler

Miami Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler was injured in today’s game, but backup QB Matt Moore was incredible against the New York Jets.

Fans and critics are applauding backup QB Matt Moore for stepping into the game in such a climactic fashion, and helping the team to walk away with a 31-28 win.

Everything seemed to come to a screeching halt for the Dolphins during the third quarter at Miami Gardens Sunday afternoon. After going 12 of 16 for 138 yards with 1 interception and 2 touchdowns, Cutler was sidelined with a chest injury. It was initially questionable whether or not he would return. However, after further examination, Cutler was ruled out for the rest of the game. Multiple reports claim that the 34-year-old former Chicago Bears quarterback may have cracked ribs as a result of his injury.

Enter backup QB Matt Moore.

At first glance, a substantial number of Miami Dolphins fans and critics may have been skeptical about Matt Moore’s impact on the game, especially since has not played in an official game since the Dolphins battled the Steelers in last season’s AFC Wild Card game and lost. Keep in mind that the New York Jets were leading 28-14 going into the fourth quarter. However, that did not stop Moore from taking full control of the offense, turning heads and making headlines with an impressive performance.

With a lot of help from the defense setting up short fields, the Dolphins were able to bump their current season record to 4-2.

It seems as if quite a few people were eager to share their honest reactions to the dramatic twist on Twitter, applauding Matt Moore in a number of different ways.

One fan and Twitter user shared her observations from the actual field since she was apparently there to see the game live. She said that when Matt Moore came onto the field, “you could see the guys come alive.”

In addition to the commendations and applause for Matt Moore, there were also quite a few jabs taken in Jay Cutler’s direction on Twitter.

Matt Moore completed one of the first two passes that he threw for 21 yards on Sunday. By the end of the game, he completed 13 of 21 passes for 188 yards, 2 touchdowns and was commended for helping the Miami Dolphins to seal the deal on their fourth victory of the season. The Dolphins will next go up against the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday, October 26, at Baltimore, so fans and critics will hopefully be able to see exactly what Matt Moore can do as the starter while waiting on Jay Cutler to recover from his injuries.

[Featured Image by Tim Ireland/AP Photo]