‘One Piece’ Chapter 883: Did Oda Just Hint On Luffy’s Awakening?

It looks like the action that fans have been waiting for will finally happen in the upcoming Chapter 883 of One Piece manga series. Luffy is finally getting serious in his fight against Katakuri by using a Gear 4th attack but it still remains to be seen just how effective this attack could be against Katakuri, the strongest of the three Sweet Generals. Meanwhile, the Germa 66 army is expected to feature more prominently in the coming chapters ahead after having dealt with Big Mom’s forces sent to destroy them.

Luffy’s Unleashes Gear 4th Attack Against Katakuri

In the previous chapter of the One Piece manga, which may be viewed online via Mangastream, Luffy finally got serious in his fight against Katakuri. Finally, he decided to use a Gear 4th attack bet fans are left hanging on what happened next because the plot reverted back to Big Mom’s underlings back at the Whole Cake Island.

What this means is that fans can reasonably expect the exciting fight between Luffy and Katakuri to continue and be explored in great detail in the coming One Piece Chapter 883. Of course, everyone is intrigued how Luffy’s Gear 4th will hold up against Katakuri’s mochi-based technique.

What is interesting though is that there is a possibility that awakening may be introduced into the picture. In the previous installment, Katakuri was shown to be very confident in his prowess and was even bragging to Luffy that his powers have been awakened. Is this Oda’s way of hinting of his plans for Luffy to undergo awakening as well?

Germa 66 Joins The Fight

Meanwhile, Sanji’s siblings, as well as their clone army, are expected to be featured more prominently in the upcoming chapters of the One Piece manga series. Apparently, Big Mom’s forces wasted no time and a sizable force of ten thousand was actually dispatched to deal with the Vinsmokes siblings and the Germa 66 clone army with the sole purpose of stealing Judge Vinsmoke’s cloning technology.

However, they have underestimated the might of the Germa 66. In fact, the Vinsmokes managed to kill all of the 10,000 soldiers sent out for them. More interesting still is that the Germa 66 fooled one of Big Mom’s Charlotte Mont-d’Or into believing all the Vinsmokes and their clone army have perished by impersonating the person in charge of the attack.

What this means is that Big Mom’s forces won’t know what’s coming in One Piece 883. Germa 66 will likely assist the Straw Hats on board the Thousand Sunny. In the communication with Mon-d’Or, he unwittingly told the Vinsmokes the general direction where the fleeing Straw Hats were heading. With the Germa 66 into the picture, a large-scale naval battle is likely to happen as they try to intercept Big Mom’s ships before they reach the Thousand Sunny.

One Piece Chapter 883 will be released sometime this week. Stay tuned for updates.

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