Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes: 11 Years Later, The Love Story And The Mystery Surrounding The Split

It’s been 11 years since Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise headed down the aisle after a whirlwind romance that had onlookers intrigued and a bit dumbfounded. Cruise ecstatically professed his love for the Dawson’s Creek star while bouncing around Oprah’s sofa on set and mere months later the former couple were the subjects of the biggest wedding of 2006.

Marrying in a lavish ceremony in Italy, the then-happy couple remained the subject of a media frenzy and, even five years following Tom and Katie’s 2012 divorce, are still the subject of rumors and Scientology examples regarding how the controversial faith seems to tear families apart.

As Hello! reminds, it was all smiles, glitz and glamour on the big day 11 years ago.

“There was a real sense of excitement seeing inside the wedding of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars and the photos didn’t disappoint. They documented every stage of the festivities, from the rehearsal dinner when Katie wore an exquisite pearl-coloured Armani gown, to her arrival at the castle on the wedding day carrying little Suri, who was only seven months old at the time, and the actual ceremony itself in a converted stable.”

The manner in which the exes carry on in their personal lives is a far cry from the lavish show Holmes and Cruise were the center of during their early romance and marriage. Today, Katie Holmes does her best to avoid any spotlight and has reportedly been in a relationship with actor Jamie Foxx for years, without making the romance any kind of focus for the media. Although Katie is spotted out with Suri Cruise from time to time, the beauty is sure to keep her life with her daughter private, much like her other relationships.

Cruise, likewise, has remained very secretive about his own love life since his divorce from Holmes, although there have been rumors about short-lived romances over the past 5 years.

When it comes to determining what it was that brought the fairytale love between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise to an end, the answer always seems to revolve around Scientology, which is said to be the same reason Cruise’s 10-year marriage with Nicole Kidman met its demise.

In the case of Katie and Tom, it all apparently was ended one day in June of 2012 by a simple phone call from Holmes to Cruise while the action star was on set. Katie essentially said it was over and the call left Tom in shock.

At the time People relayed words about Tom and his link to Scientology. The publication noted how Holmes’ abrupt decision was based on the intentions of Cruise to send their daughter off to an educational facility run by Scientology and Katie was not willing to let this happen.

People reminded of other factors that led to the split, all of which had to do with the involvement of the church in their family and relationship.

“Things really took a turn for the worse when someone from the church’s staff moved in to make sure they were upholding the values of Scientology in their daily lives. Shortly after realizing the pair had ‘big differences’ in their opinions of life, Katie filed for divorce.”

After such a whirlwind romance and extravagant wedding, it was likely a shock to Katie Holmes to then be under such scrutiny by the church. It’s clear as to why the Kennedys: After Camelot star prefers to remain out of the spotlight when it comes to her personal life, after such a dramatic, and likely stressful end to her marriage.

Nicole Kidman also distanced herself from Cruise reportedly due to Scientology, but unfortunately, her children were old enough to make their own decision regarding their relationship with Tom Cruise and Scientology, opting to choose the action star and the controversial faith over their mother.

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