Nene Leakes Scared Of ‘Real Housewives’ Boot After Xscape Tour Firing: Rape Joke Ruining Her Career

Nene Leakes telling a heckler to get raped by her Uber driver has had quite the negative impact on her career.

Days after making the comment during the Girls Nite Out for Laughs comedy show on October 7, Xscape had released an official statement, announcing they had fired the reality star from working with them on their North American tour.

But that’s not all. Nene Leakes is afraid that her role on Real Housewives of Atlanta could potentially face the chopping block next.

Making jokes about rape is so uncalled for, a source tells Hollywood Life, and Nene Leakes is well aware of that.

In that moment of time, she was furious that a woman would interrupt her show by yelling that the 49-year-old wasn’t funny, so that was the only way she saw herself reposing in the heat of the moment.

Of course, it also didn’t help that the very same week that Harvey Weinstein exposed for allegedly raping and sexually abusing dozens of women in Hollywood.

Sources tell Hollywood Life that Nene Leakes is scared that she will be removed Real Housewives of Atlanta, particularly because that has now become the job that’s paying her the most money.

It’s believed that Leakes is the highest-earning cast member on the show, costing producers a fortune to get the TV personality to film with the other women for just one series.

With Nene Leakes having received so much backlash and having already been fired from one job, getting the boot from one of the biggest reality shows on television could ultimately be the nail in the coffin for the outspoken mother-of-one.

Nene Leakes has acknowledged her mistakes, having even taken to social media to apologize to anyone that was offended by her comments during the October 7 comedy stand-up show.

Whether or not producers of RHOA will find the apology sincere enough to keep her on the show has yet to be seen, but considering how worried Nene Leakes is about losing her job on reality TV, it would seem that there’s a chance she will not be returning for another series.

Should Nene Leakes be fired from RHOA?

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