‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Gets A Pleasant Surprise After A Long Day Of Work At Roloff Farms

Despite the nasty criticisms from some of her social media followers, Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff has pretty much been killing it in Roloff Farms since the 2018 Pumpkin Season began. Every week, the Roloff matriarch has been dressing up and spicing up her invitations to the farms’ events. This week, Amy did the same thing, regaling visitors with her cool pirate costume, complete with a sword and a bandanna.

While Amy has been on overdrive for the past few weeks, the Roloff matriarch still looks forward to some rest when she gets home. In a post late Saturday, Amy Roloff shared what could only be the best surprise a grandma can get after a long day of work. As it turned out, her day ended perfectly when she found that Baby Jackson Roloff was waiting for her at home.

Amy commemorated the cute meetup with her grandchild on social media, with the Roloff matriarch sharing Baby J’s photo to her Facebook and Instagram followers. The photo was a simple portrait of Jackson, but just like his other pictures, it is simply overflowing with cuteness. Amy expressed her joy and excitement at meeting her grandson in the caption of her social media posts.

“After being at the pumpkin patch all day, Jackson was a wonderful surprise to see at my house. A little grandma hanging out time.”

Amy’s social media followers gushed at Baby J’s newest photo, with many stating that Jackson is looking better and better over the past few months. Many even noted that his cheeks, which is Baby J’s trademark features, are getting even more adorable, if such a thing is possible. Others even went further with their praises, stating that there is simply no way that Jackson could get any cuter.

“He just couldn’t be any cuter,” one commenter wrote.

“So darn cute. Cuteness meter’s off the chart,” wrote another.

Amy and Baby Jackson enjoy a very close bond, with Tori and Zach Roloff usually dropping by the Roloff matriarch’s place to give Amy and Baby J some exclusive grandma-grandson time.

Since Jackson was born earlier this year, the cute little baby has been the apple of his grandma’s eyes, with Amy prominently featuring him on her social media feeds. Amy seems to dote on Jackson with all her heart, and she is enjoying every single moment she can get with him.

What do you think about Amy’s most recent social media post? Is Baby Jackson just the cutest ever? Sound off in the comments below!

Little People, Big World is currently filming for its newest season, and is expected to come back on TLC later this year.

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Facebook]