Taiwanese Subtitles Might Explain Who Snoke And Luke Are Talking To In The ‘Star Wars 8’ Trailer [Spoilers]

Supreme Leader Snoke from Star Wars

The first official trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi debuted on October 9 during Monday Night Football and has almost 33 million views on YouTube. The trailer was full of mystery, and now Taiwanese subtitles are shedding light on who Supreme Leader Snoke and Luke Skywalker are talking to during their short clips.

Taiwanese characters are gender-specific, and in trailer releases where they are present they seem to have pinpointed which gender each of the characters are interacting with. There are no specifics on which character is on the receiving end, just their sex.

Over on Reddit, one fan has dissected these Taiwanese characters meticulously, and fans are finally getting some answers.

There are two points in the trailer where Snoke is speaking to someone the audience isn’t privy to. “When I found you…” and “Fulfill your destiny” had fans speculating he was speaking to Kylo Ren in the former and an unknown in the latter.

But if newer theories are to be believed, it appears this is not the case for the first phrase. Reddit user /u/SleepingAran pointed out the character for “you” in that phrase is feminine, meaning Kylo Ren is no longer an option. However, when he says “Fulfill your destiny,” the subtitles suggest he is talking to a male.

ComicBook has suggested Snoke is speaking to Rey in the first phrase. The full phrase, “When I found you, I saw raw, untamed power. And beyond that, something truly special,” now appears to be directed at the Jakku scavenger instead of his apprentice.

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On the other hand, “Fulfill your destiny,” is likely being said to Kylo Ren. One Reddit user suggests he could even be speaking with Luke in this scenario.

Toward the end of the trailer, Luke Skywalker delivers the line, “This is not going to go the way you think.” The subtitles here suggest Luke is speaking with a male. Fan theories are now suggesting Luke is interacting with Kylo Ren, or a member of the Knights of Ren. Originally, fans believed that Luke was delivering this line to Rey.

In this particular Reddit thread, user /u/Cryllus questioned the validity of the new claims by explaining that the title of the film was altered in foreign translations. /u/Cryllus noted The Last Jedi became plural when it was translated in other languages. Could foreign translations really be trusted?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi debuts on December 15.

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