‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 112 Review: Cabba Jobs Like His Master, Possibly Leaks The Arc’s Ending

Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 had its moments, but it ultimately felt like filler compared to the previous two episodes. This week, Vegeta proved once more why he’s a pretty decent teacher, and Cabba, the first Universe 6 Saiyan, proved that he was the U6 counterpart of his self-proclaimed Master. Here are the highlights and review of Dragon Ball Super Episode 112.

The recently aired DBS episode, “A Saiyan’s Vow! Vegeta’s Resolution!!” primarily featured Cabba of Universe 6, as he tried his hardest to buy time for his teammates, Caulifla and Kale, who are admittedly much more powerful than him. Unfortunately for Cabba, he was met with Universe 4’s Monna, who practically overpowered him while mocking his Saiyan heritage, as noted by fan-translator Herms98.

Eventually, it almost seemed like Cabba was about to get eliminated by the U4 fighter. Fortunately, Vegeta stepped in and saved his protege, before kneeing him in the gut, true Vegeta style. According to the Saiyan prince, the only reason he saved Cabba was because he could not stand seeing a member of his proud race being so weak.

After a good pep talk from the veteran Universe 7 fighter, Cabba was able to reach Super Saiyan 2, which he used to great effect against Monna. With Monna gone, however, Cabba ended up in the way of Frieza, who promptly transformed into his Golden Form before beating the living daylights out of the U6 Saiyan. A few strikes after, Cabba’s run in the Tournament of Power was over.

So why was Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 titled after Vegeta? Many members of the DBZ subreddit were quite mystified by this as well. While the episode’s title seemed to suggest that the Saiyan prince would be the center of the episode, all he really did in Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 was give Cabba a good pep talk.

Vegeta did have a pretty cool scene with Universe 11’s Toppo, who challenged Vegeta to a fight. Much to the amusement of Dragon Ball Super fans, Vegeta tried to tell Toppo off, stating that he does not wish to fight the No. 2 warrior of Universe 11. Retorting sharply, Toppo told Vegeta that he was just Universe 7’s No. 2 as well.

So apart from a pep talk and getting burned by Toppo, what else did Vegeta do? One thing that truly stood out from Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 was a tidbit of information that Vegeta gave Cabba. During his little pep talk, Vegeta told the young fighter that if he wins the Tournament of Power, he would wish back Universe 6.


Did Vegeta just leak the ending of the Tournament of Power? Such an ending has been brought up by numerous fans over the past few months, with many viewers suggesting that Universe 7 would likely wish back everyone who would be eliminated from the tournament. Vegeta’s recent promise to his protege, if any, seems to be a sign that these fan speculations could be right.

What do you think about Dragon Ball Super Episode 112? Do you think Vegeta really teased the ending of the Tournament of Power? Sound off in the comments below!

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