‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 News: EP Says All Out War Is A Zombie Buffet

The Walking Dead Season 8 is coming tomorrow and there are a few things that fans should know about what is really in store when the “All Out War” story arc begins. First of all, many fans of The Walking Dead have criticized the show for abandoning the walkers. But Greg Nicotero says that is exactly the opposite of what they have done in Season 8 and when the story arc begins, fans will never see what’s coming next.

For the most part, The Walking Dead has stayed true to its titular name. But it has also given fans a more sincere look at the fallout of the human population and how they now interact with one another. There are the heroes, the innocent drifters, the oppressed, and just recently, the biggest villain of them all: Negan.

Fans have become too invested in the Negan storyline to worry about rogue bands of walkers. Most characters on The Walking Dead have toughened themselves to the point where five, 10, even 20 walkers are nothing at all and they can be put down with the skills they have acquired over the past few years. Essentially, such situations seem to be inconsequential for the characters on The Walking Dead.

But Greg Nicotero has another point of view, which he shared with Variety about how All Out War does not end up with a surviving winner. It ends up with victorious walkers coming in and feeding off the buffet line on Season 8 of The Walking Dead.

“They’re (walkers) just waiting for these groups of idiots to kill each other off so they can finish taking over the rest of the world,” Greg Nicotero said about Season 8 of The Walking Dead. “The zombies are like, ‘Oh, you’re going to let us not do the work and you’re going to do the work for us? Great. We’ll just wait until you’re done and we’ll take over.’ It’s sort of reminding the audience that this is the world.”

On Season 8 of The Walking Dead, the day-to-day survival storylines are essentially over. The All Out War arc has now pushed them up to the next category and they are fighting for next week, even next month, as Greg Nicotero described. They are essentially fighting for the future of the human race in that particular part of the world.

It certainly does seem fitting that Season 8 of The Walking Dead is taking place in the D.C. area that had previously been the nerve center for all of the U.S. It even, in some small way, echoes the plight of the American revolutionaries that fought for their independence from Britain. Except on The Walking Dead, they’re fighting both the tyrants and the undead at the same time.

Season 8 of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, October 22 on AMC.

[Featured Image by AMC]