Short Pump Middle School Football Locker Room Video: ‘F*** The Black Outta These African-American Children’

A Snapchat video out of Henrico County, Virginia, has gone viral. The video shows the blurred faces of children at Short Pump Middle School, with members of the football team holding down African-American children on the floor and across benches and simulating sex acts. According to NBC12, the words uttered during the video as well as those that were written across the screen in the Snapchat video contained racially disturbing notions.

“We gonna f*** the black outta these African-American children from Uganda.”

The disturbing video showing some activities of Short Pump Middle Schools’ football team members can be seen in part below, with excerpts hiding the identify of the minors. As a result of the disturbing video going viral, the Henrico School Board made the decision to punish the football team by forfeiting the remainder of the football season. However, the football team at Short Pump Middle School will still meet for practice sessions, which will include lessons on sexual harassment.

According to NBC12, some members of the Short Pump Middle School football team who had nothing to do with the viral video wondered why the entire football team was being punished as a result of the melee. Henrico Police are also investigating the matter.

Some parents of Short Pump Middle School football team members only learned about the existence of the Snapchat video after they were contacted by friends or alerted by the media. Leaders at Short Pump Middle School met with the football team and concerned parents on Friday to talk about the incident that had happened one week prior.

A statement from the Henrico County School Board addressed the situation at Short Pump Middle School, with the board calling the actions seen in the video deeply concerning. The behavior displayed in the viral Snapchat video from Short Pump Middle School won’t be tolerated, according to the board.

As the Short Pump Middle School Snapchat video continues to go viral with its disturbing sex simulation and scenes of black football players being held down, advocates are urging those affected to be treated by mental health experts while the NAACP wants criminal charges.


[Featured Image by tammykayphoto/Shutterstock]