Jenelle Evans: New Husband Claims Her Ex Got Her Hooked On Heroin

Jenelle Evans’ new husband claims that her ex-significant other got her hooked on heroin. The Teen Mom 2 reality show star did a stint in rehab over the Thanksgiving holiday. Evans’ husband, Courtland Rogers, took to Twitter to share his feelings on the Teen Mom’s drug addiction woes.

In a tweet directed at his wife’s ex-boyfiend Kieffer Delp, Rogers had this to say:

“Just leave me and my WIFE … Mrs. Rogers alone. It’s funny people think I am a junkie. Wait until they see this next season on how u did Jenelle and got her hooked on heroin … she almost died cuz of u dumb*s*. U got Jenelle strung out and then bailed on her when she needed u most! And everyone thinks u are the good guy! This is sad.”

Jenelle retweeted her new hubby’s thoughts on how Kieffer Delp allegedly got her hooked on heroin, Radar Online notes. The Teen Mom 2 star’s sister Ashleigh Evans Wilson and her mother Barbara Evans were reportedly so concerned about her drug abuse that the pair used the court system to get her committed to a rehab center.

During a recent interview Ashleigh Wilson stated that their mother saw Jenelle “shooting up” last month when she walked into the house. The MTV cameras captured Jenelle’s alleged downward spiral while taping the reality show about teen mothers.

Evans turned 21 in December. She first gained celebrity status when appearing on 16 & Pregnant and later went on to star in Teen Mom. She has a son named Jace, according to the MTV reality series website. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Janelle Evans was arrested for a probation violation when failing a drug test twice. She was also arrested in 2011 when a fight with two other girls was caught on video tape.