October 20, 2017
'Little People, Big World': Amy Roloff Continues To Have Some Fun With New Costume For Pumpkin Patch Weekend

The amusing dress-up game continues for Amy Roloff, as the star of the Little People, Big World TV show put on a pirate costume to welcome a new round of visitors to the 2017 Roloff Farm Pumpkin Patch weekend.

Amy is a picture of fun as she routinely dresses up every weekend to help keep visitors to the pumpkin patch entertained. This time, Amy showed off her swashbuckling ways as she brought a cutlass to go with her impressive pirate outfit.

Amy's pirate costume was on point. She had on a vest over her white long-sleeved shirt. Amy also wore a red and black striped jagged-edge skirt to attain that pirate maiden look.

To complete the pirate look, she partnered her outfit with black finger-less gloves, a pair of brown boots, red bandana, and a pair of huge hoop earrings.

Amy adoringly added the popular pirate expression, "Arrr," to her photo. Speaking of, no one really knows how a real pirate talked. There are no known recordings of pirate speak. According to Children's Museum, "Arrr," "Yarrr," "Arg," and other pirate phrases were popularized by movies, particularly Treasure Island, which starred Lionel Barrymore and was released in 1934, and its 1950 Disney version starring Robert Newton as Long John Silver.

Newton, a southwestern Englander, adapted the "Arrr" expression from his native West Country dialect and used it in his pirate movies. Since the movies were such a hit, people started associating the English expression to pirates.

Amy followed the pirate phrase with an invitation for her followers to visit her Little Kitchen online store and get their hands on some of her popular products, such as the Pumpkin and Banana Bread, and Pumpkin Pancake Mix. Amy also said that visitors to the pumpkin patch can find the Pumpkin Salsa, Pumpkin Bread, and Pumpkin Spice Pancake Mix available there.

Aside from the pirate costume, Amy has donned other adorable outfits. In the previous pumpkin patch weekend, Amy dressed as a cheerleader. The weekend before that, Amy sported a cute black and pink ensemble.

It looks like Amy is having a lot of fun at Roloff Farms this pumpkin season, despite a few rumored controversies here and there. There's supposedly some tension brewing between Amy and Caryn Chandler, Matt's girlfriend. The rumor started during the first pumpkin patch weekend after Caryn supposedly stole the show at Roloff Farms, which apparently didn't sit well with Amy. Things reportedly got worse after Amy was not invited to the surprise birthday party for Matt, which Caryn arranged.

Despite the rumors, Amy continues to enjoy her "second act" as she's been going out and having dinners at home with her boyfriend and friends. She's also been showing her "spunk," as one of her followers said, by dressing up as a pirate and wearing other fun costumes.

[Featured Image by Amy Roloff/Instagram]