October 20, 2017
'Young And The Restless' Scoop: No New Characters, Adam Newman Stays Dead For Now, Can Mal Young Save 'Y&R'?

Following the major shakeup in the Young and the Restless, Mal Young took over the position of head writer and executive producer. In a new interview he revealed the vision he has for the CBS soap, and the changes he will implement in the upcoming episodes. He also revealed his plans for Y&R's current cast.

Genoa City Under Mal Young

Among the first orders of business Young had when he took over was to break the barrier between the writers and production. He also revealed he wants to go against the traditional storytelling in American soaps where time slowed down, and a party can take up four to five episodes. To make the soap more realistic, one episode will air per day although there will be occasional exceptions.

The Young and the Restless executive producer also revealed he is aiming towards telling a story that moves in real time. This new feel will make the show feel contemporary, and even the wardrobe department is excited over these changes.

Small changes under Mal Young were already apparent in previous episodes although the first episode to receive the full impact of his touch will air on October 25. According to him, Episode 11,292 will be more interesting and compelling. As for his vision for Genoa City, Young revealed he wants to create a stronger backdrop for the characters in the Young and the Restless. He wants viewers to feel like they don't want the show to end.

Young And The Restless Casting Scoop

Among the hottest questions fans had for Mal Young when he took over the position of head writer for the Young and the Restless was if he will bring back Adam Newman. Young avoided all questions involving Michael Muhney and Adam Newman. While he did not speak of the actor of the character in his interview with Soap Opera Digest, he confirmed he had no plans to add members to the cast, at least for now.
With everything he needs to do to change the direction where the Young and the Restless is heading, the showrunner wants to focus on the core characters first. Side characters have been getting more airtime than they deserve. He wants to concentrate on the core cast first to build the canvas for the whole new Genoa City he has in mind. Since his material is just about to go on air, the move to focus on the present cast and see how the audience responds is perfectly understandable.

Young also mentioned he doesn't "see anyone new having to turn up." A lot of rumors has been circulating about resurrecting Adam Newman, Young's latest interview indicates he has no plans of bringing the character back from the dead. Michael Muhney, one of the fan favorites who played the role of Adam, was hired to play a role in the Good Doctor, and fans were hoping his next project would be Y&R. This doesn't seem to be the case although fans can look forward to major surprises when Mal Young's material goes on air.

The Young and the Restless will celebrate its 45th anniversary soon. This is a big milestone for the soap, and many fans are hoping Mal Young can bring about positive changes. Young wants the show to be the No. 1 and for Y&R to stay long after he leaves. He also conveyed CBS believed the show is far from over. In fact, the show has been renewed through 2020.

Mal Young shut down rumors about Adam Newman's resurrection in an indirect way, but this doesn't mean the character will stay dead forever. The soap landscape is always shifting, and once Y&R gets the makeover it deserves, Young might revisit the Adam Newman issue. Meanwhile, the Young and the Restless EP reassures the soap's loyal followers that it is in good hands and this is just "the beginning of the next phase."

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