McDonalds Stabbing Victim Identified

You can get a lot at McDonald’s, and I doubt being stabbed is on anyone’s list.

However, Steven Lang is the 52-year-old wheelchair-bound recipient of a fatal stabbing in an Orlando, Florida McDonald’s on Christmas Day.

Police said Jerry Tyson stabbed Lang several times in the abdomen after Tyson tried to steal his money, according to In this economy, he might have had better luck just asking for a job.

Paramedics brought Lang from the West Colonial Drive restaurant to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where he later died. Tyson had run to the woods near John Young Parkway and State Highway 50 where he was eventually tracked down by police. Tyson allegedly fled the restaurant, tossed the knife and ran into some nearby woods. A witness attempted to stop Tyson by running him down with his car but was unsuccessful. A K-9 dog tracked Tyson into the woods where it found him hiding under a tree and bit Tyson’s leg.

McDonalds stabbing crime scene

Tyson was charged with second-degree murder, robbery and resisting an officer with violence. Having been released from state prison on December 20, he may have also been violating parole.

Court records show Tyson has a lengthy violent history, including two more stabbings in 1999 and 2000, and assaulting a firefighter in 2007, says FOX News. It may be time to legally forbid him to own a knife.

McDonald’s spokeswoman Jackie Bunting said in a statement:

“We are cooperating fully with the authorities in their investigation of the matter and ask that all further inquiries be directed to the Orlando Police Department.”