‘Star Wars’-Style Police Hoverbikes Will Soon Guard The Streets Of Dubai

The Dubai police force announced that their officers will soon patrol the streets of Dubai using electric police hoverbikes. The announcement was made at the 37th annual Gitex Technology Week at the Dubai World Trade Center in the past week.

The electric hoverbikes are called the “Hoversurf Scorpions,” which are similar to Star-Wars– style police hoverbikes. The hoverbikes could fly at a height of five meters (16.4 feet) and speed up to 70 kilometers (43.3 miles) per hour, according to NBC News.

The developer, Hoversurf, is a Russian drone manufacturer. It designed the hoverbike to avoid traffic congestion in case there is an emergency. In this way, the police could reach his destination right away.

The hoverbikes have features such as multiple cameras that could identify reckless drivers. It could also scan dubious people and criminals with its biometric software.

Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, the director of Dubai Police Smart Services Department, said that the hoverbikes could recognize suspicious objects and monitor suspects. He further said that it will be deployed at tourist destinations across the city of Dubai. The cameras of the hoverbikes are linked to the command room, as noted by the New York Post.

First Sergeant Ali Ahmad Mohammad said that the bike could also fly without a passenger and can go up to six kilometers. He further said that it can fly for 25 minutes and carry up to 300kg (661 lbs.) of weight at a speed of 70kph. Meanwhile, the Hoversurf company stated that the Dubai police have confirmed to mass produce the hoverbikes in Dubai, according to Alexander Atamanov, the CEO of Hoversurf.

Futurism reports that with the latest police technology advances in the city, Dubai has been dubbed as the City of the Future. It is considered as one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world. Some of its other modern technologies include water jetpacks that are used for firefighting and acts as real-life Robocop and the flying taxi service, which is in testing now.

The realm of 3D also conquers Dubai with its 3D-printed office that has just opened and its 3D-printed skyscraper that will soon occur. The Hyperloop will also soon innovate the infrastructure of Dubai.


[Featured Image by Brightstorm/Thinkstock]