‘Big Brother’ Legend Will Kirby Says He’s The Greatest Reality TV Contestant Of All Time

Big Brother alum Dr. Will Kirby is looking back on his days as a reality TV superstar. The two-time Big Brother contestant told his high school newspaper, Florida State University High School’s Tomahawk Talk, that the early days of reality TV were the greatest—and so is he.

Big Brother 2 in 2001 was incredible,” Will told the newspaper. “Remember, there were very few reality shows out at the time and it was a fun and lucrative time to be a reality television personality.”

Kirby went on to declare himself the greatest reality TV star of all time. But Will also used his self-titled status as a way to give a bit of a pep talk to his fans.

“I’m the best reality television personality of all time and I’m the world’s leading aesthetic dermatologist,” Will said.

“But reality television didn’t help me study for medical school. I just happen to be the best in the world at two different things, and you can be too. You aren’t defined by the one thing you are good at now.”

Will Kirby famously won the second season of Big Brother back in 2001, then went on to compete in the All-Stars season five years later. Kirby, who was one half of the Chill Town alliance with Big Brother wingman Mike “Boogie” Malin, is known as one of the greatest Big Brother masterminds of all time, and his famous “I hate you all” Power of Veto speech goes down as one of Big Brother’s most memorable moments. You can see Will’s speech below.

Big Brother superfan Neil Patrick Harris is one of Will Kirby’s biggest fans, and he even seems to agree with Will’s assessment of himself. Harris revealed that he is good friends with Kirby, whom he once described as “the greatest Big Brother contestant ever.”

Dr. Will Kirby of Big Brother
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In addition to being a reality TV winner and a board-certified dermatologist, Will Kirby is a married father of two. Will told his high school paper he also loves “surfing, west coast rap, and hybrid botany.” But Will Kirby is also still part of the Big Brother family. Kirby has moderated the CBS reality show’s jury roundtable every year since 2013 and he hilariously hosted the backyard interviews following the most recent season of the show.

Do you agree that Will Kirby is the greatest reality TV star of all time?

Take a look at some of Will Kirby’s greatest Chilltown “phone calls” during the early days of Big Brother below.

Big Brother returns to CBS for a celebrity edition this winter.

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