October 20, 2017
'Project Runway' 2017 Recap: Episode 10 -- Driving Miss Unconventional

The final six designers on Project Runway 2017 faced an unconventional challenge tonight, as they were working with Lexus and safety materials. These types of challenges bring a lot of stress for the designers on Project Runway Season 16, especially with fashion week so close, but who went home on Project Runway tonight? Find out the Episode 10 results below in our Project Runway 2017 recap.

Last week on Project Runway Season 16, they showed the aftermath of the Claire drama, as she was accused of cheating by Michael and Margarita. Claire did admit to using a tape measure in the apartment, so Tim Gunn had to rescind her victory and send her home. From there, viewers had a new challenge and the designers created avant-garde looks. Fans saw some crazy looks along the way, but the judges shocked everyone when they sent both Batani and Amy home at the end of the night.

The Challenge

The designers met Tim Gunn, who was with an executive from Lexus, and they had three Lexus SUVs with them. This was an unconventional materials challenge, as the vehicles were packed with materials that were created for safety, like caution tape, orange cones, and much more. They had three minutes to gather all the materials they could. They had one day for this challenge on Project Runway Season 16.

The Workroom

The designers were back in the workroom and it was time to get to work. Kenya felt her pile of materials was lacking compared to everyone else. Michael wanted to create a fetish-inspired look. Brandon was struggling, so he was trying to work through things with Kentaro. Kenya decided to create a dress using the seat belts, but wanted to borrow materials from others. No one was giving anything up.

Tim's Critiques

Tim came in for his critiques of the looks, so far. Tim told Margarita that she is thinking too much and should just do it. For Ayana, he thought it had the potential to be incredibly chic. He told Kenya to turn up the volume. For Michael, he thought the looks did not go well together and they felt like two different looks. Tim was concerned the judges would say Kentaro's look is just fabric. For Brandon, he did not even know what he was working on and thought he was losing him.

Stressed Out Designers

Brandon had a lot of work to do and had no clue what he was going to do. Michael was going back-and-forth on what to do, as far as following Tim's advice or not. Ayana kept adding fencing to her look, as it was getting bigger and bigger. This worried Margarita, so she decided to add more volume to her look on Project Runway 2017. As the night came to an end, Michael was worried that he was not doing enough to impress the judges. Ayana was worried, as she had a ton of work to do still.

Runway Day

The designers had a little more time in the workroom to finish their looks for Episode 10. Both Michael and Kentaro were struggling to try and add things into their look, in order to make it look like they used more than one material. With minutes left, Kenya's zipper broke and part of the arm fell off.

Judges' Critiques

After the runway show on Project Runway 2017, it was time for the critiques from the judges. The judges tonight were Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, and guest judge Carly Chaiken.
  • Brandon - Zac said he adored this and it was spectacular work. Nina said she loved seeing him play with movement. Heidi said it was flirty, but hard at the same time. Carly said she wanted that top.
  • Michael - Nina said it was not one of her favorite looks and it lacked drama. Carly said it is very hooker-ish. Heidi said she looked hot, but it looked like he did not work as hard as the others.
  • Kenya - Heidi said it was good and had a lot of great detail. Zac said to watch the shapes, but it was successful today. Nina said it was just a black dress, but the drama came in the design and painting.
  • Ayana - Heidi said it was so over-the-top and she loved it. Zac said this was hot. Nina said she looked like she was on fire. Carly loved the pop of blue at the top.
  • Margarita - Nina said she really liked it and she got a superhero vibe. Carly wanted some of the blue in the skirt. Heidi said she was very modern. Zac said this was a high for him today.
  • Kentaro - Nina said this was not one of her favorite outfits and saw a lack of vision. Heidi said she almost looked like a doll. Carly said it felt basic. Zac said it was not his best work.


The judges took a closer look at the designs and then discussed the winner and loser. The designers were back on the runway and the winner of tonight's challenge was Ayana. The bottom two designers were Michael and Kentaro. The eliminated designer tonight was Michael, with no save from Tim Gunn.

What do you think of the results on Project Runway 2017 tonight?

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