Who Is Ella Purnell? See Pictures Of Brad Pitt’s Rumored Girlfriend, A 21-Year-Old ‘Angelina Jolie Look-Alike’

Ella Purnell may be making a name for herself in the movie business as an up-and-coming actress, but now the 21-year-old is gaining even bigger fame after rumors indicated that she is actor Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend.

While there are conflicting reports over whether the two are actually dating, there is a rush of new attention to Purnell, with pictures of the actress spreading across social media as her name became one of the top trending searches.

So, just who is Ella Purnell?

The British-born-and-raised actress has a number of roles to her credit, which includes playing the younger version of Angelina Jolie in the movie Maleficent. As the Evening Standard noted, Purnell first met Brad Pitt on the set of the movie Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and sources said Brad Pitt became “enchanted” by the young actress.

Ella Purnell had a handful of other roles, including parts in Never Let Me Go and Kick-A** 2. Though she may not have the stature of a leading lady, Purnell said she is not going to settle for roles that felt demeaning or that required her to go naked.

“So many of the scripts I read nowadays are for the young, pretty, attractive eye candy or it’s the girlfriend of the main character, who is always a man,” she Vogue UK. “I had a chat with my agent and said I’m not up for this anymore. I didn’t know that this was such an issue until last year. I think that women’s sexuality is a wonderful beautiful thing that I’m not opposed to women showing their bodies but personally I am not attracted to scripts that have a lot of nudity. I don’t agree with slut shaming, I think that is absolutely terrible and I think women need to work on being nicer to other women in general.”

Ella Purnell is reportedly dating Brad Pitt.
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The alleged new relationship between Ella Purnell and Brad Pitt has reportedly rankled some feathers. Hollywood Life reported that Angelina Jolie is not happy about the 53-year-old actor dating a much younger woman. The report said that Jolie would be disappointed in Brad if the rumors are true and Purnell is his girlfriend.

Purnell herself has come out to squash the rumors, saying that she is not dating Brad Pitt, but some outlets noted that such denials are not uncommon and the rumors that they are in a relationship still persist.

It is not clear how the comparisons between Brad Pitt’s former wife and alleged new flame are sitting well with Angelina Jolie. As some have noted, Ella Purnell has similarities to Angelina Jolie beyond her looks. Like Brad Pitt’s former wife, Purnell also has a number of philanthropic pursuits aside from acting, including serving as event manager and PR consultant for the non-profit group Educate2Eradicate, which increases education about forced marriages and honor-based violence.

Purnell also told Vogue that she would eventually like to write and direct, as well as make her own music.

But despite the denials, Ella Purnell is getting most of her attention as Brad Pitt’s rumored new girlfriend.

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