Michelle Williams Speaks Out About Being Suicidal While Part of Destiny’s Child

Michelle Williams was part of the hit group Destiny’s Child and she is now speaking out and revealing that during that time she was suicidal. This is something that the fans didn’t know about her at all. Us Magazine shared what Michelle had to say recently.

She revealed that she had been actually suffering from depression since she was a teenager, but Michelle didn’t actually realize what it was until she was in her 30s. It was a really hard time for her. She said that their group manager Mathew Knowles didn’t really understand what was going on with her at that time either. He knew that she had just signed a huge deal and was going on tour so he didn’t understand why she would feel depressed and so she just blew it off as maybe being tired. Once she was in her 30s she realized there was a lot more to it. Michelle is lucky that she figured it all out before it was too late.

Michelle Williams admits things got so bad that she became suicidal at one point. She felt like she was the one providing for everyone and she didn’t think she should feel this way. A lot of people deal with depression, but not everyone handles it the way Michelle did because now she is doing a lot better. She shared that she has “released” it and is feeling so much better now. The fans are glad to hear this, but hearing Michelle Williams speak up may make it easier for others to speak up as well. She was open about it and that seems to have helped.

Demi Lovato and Michelle Williams are just two examples of celebrities that have opened up about dealing with mental health issues. The fact that celebrities are now sharing it may make it easier on other people to speak out and get the help they need instead of keeping it all bottled up inside.


Are you shocked to hear that Michelle Williams dealt with being suicidal during Destiny’s Child’s fame? Do you think a lot of celebrities deal with this, but just don’t tell anyone about it? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]