Duggar Family News: Some ‘Counting On’ Fans Think That Jordyn Is Being Neglected By JB And Michelle

Jordyn Grace Duggar is Jim Bob and Michelle’s second-youngest daughter. Being born not long before the family’s miracle baby, Josie, Jordyn did not have as much exclusive time with her parents before she was endorsed to her designated buddy, Jessa. Now that Jessa is married and starting a family of her own, however, many Counting On fans are starting to think that Jordyn might be experiencing some form of neglect under the hands of her own mother and father.

In a recent post on the official Counting On subreddit, several members of the online community noticed that Jordyn seems to be developing a detached relationship with some members of her family. If any, whenever Jordyn appears on photos or videos with her parents, her expression usually shows a pretty notable disconnect with some family members, particularly her mother, Michelle Duggar.

The Counting On community’s interest and concern with regards to Jordyn’s emotional well-being was triggered by her last birthday video. During the short clip, Jordyn could be seen with her mom, Michelle, as the Duggar matriarch greeted and wished her a happy birthday. Much to the concern and alarm of Counting On fans, Jordyn looked incredibly uncomfortable and downright unhappy for the entire duration of the video.

In fact, from the moment her mom started greeting her to the time the clip ended, Jordyn did not smile, not even once. Apart from this, many members of the Duggar Family community have also taken issue with the fact that Michelle, for her part, almost seemed to know very little about her own child.


When Michelle wished Jordyn a happy birthday, the Duggar matriarch could tell very little about her daughter except that she was helpful and she loves carrying babies on her hip. This, of course, did not sit well with the Counting On community, as could be seen in the near-consensus of YouTube users commenting on Jordyn’s birthday video.

“The poor girl looks terrified. She has no clue who that woman is who standing behind her. This woman has nothing to say about her eight-year-old other than she loves to carry around babies and help care for other kids,” wrote one commenter.

“That was literally painful to watch. Jordyn could not have looked more unhappy and uninterested!!! It was awkward and embarrassing,” wrote another.

Many Counting On fans have noted that Jordyn’s apparent disillusionment with her parents likely stemmed in part from Jessa Duggar’s departure. Jessa was Jordyn’s buddy ever since she could remember. Thus, there is a pretty good chance that Jordyn actually identifies as Jessa’s child, not Michelle’s.


According to some members of the Counting On subreddit, the combination of Josie’s birth, Jessa’s eventual departure, and the fact that her dad and mom rarely give her undivided attention probably led to Jordyn growing up seemingly disillusioned with her parents. This was expressed in a statement by one of the online community’s members.

“She was the baby of the family for barely a year when miracle baby Josie joined them, so no wonder she was ‘forgotten’ about. The only person who cared enough to feed, clothe and shower attention on her every day was Jessa, so she’s Jordyn’s real ‘mother’ there.”

Do you think Jordyn is indeed getting neglected by Michelle and Jim Bob? Does Jordyn really consider Jessa as her mother? Sound off in the comments below!

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