‘LPBW:’ Jeremy Roloff Just Revealed An Intimate Detail About Ember’s Photos, And It’s Melting Fans’ Hearts

Since she was officially introduced to the world, Ember Jean Roloff has pretty much become the darling of the Little People, Big World community. The youngest member of the reality TV family recently turned one-month-old, and to commemorate this milestone, her parents Audrey and Jeremy held an impromptu photo shoot as she slept soundly on a milestone blanket.

While the image of Ember lying on a milestone blanket was one of the cutest pictures of Baby Girl Roloff to date, some of Jeremy’s fans noticed something interesting about some details in the picture. Some members of the LPBW community, for one, noticed that the marker used by the couple to indicate Ember’s growth looked very familiar.

Looking at the image that Jeremy and Audrey shared on their social media pages, some details definitely do pop out, such as a familiar-looking wreath of flowers placed right above the baby. This wreath seems to have been seen before in the couple’s photos, specifically in pictures taken on their wedding day.

This has caused several members of the LPBW community to speculate if the reality TV couple was using Audrey’s flower veil as a marker for Ember’s milestone blanket. Interestingly, Jeremy himself responded to some of his social media followers, confirming that the wreath in Ember’s milestone pictures was indeed the very same wreath that Audrey wore during their special day three years ago.

Here is a look at Ember’s milestone blanket photo.

And here is Mommy Audrey’s wedding day picture.

This sweet and intimate detail all but melted the hearts of the Little People, Big World community. Some of Jeremy’s social media followers lauded the couple for being creative while others expressed their admiration for the symbolic composition of Ember’s one-month-old pictures.

“What a symbolic and definitely cute idea!” one commenter wrote.

“What a clever way to display baby Ember Jean’s first year,” wrote another.

“I think this is so dang clever! Adorable!” gushed another fan.

While Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are still dealing with some controversies from critical Little People, Big World fans, Ember, for her part, seems to be simply enjoying her days with her family. Since she began appearing regularly in the social media updates of the Roloffs, Ember has been consistently calm and seemingly happy.

Ember appears to be really enjoying her time together with her cousin, Jackson Kyle Roloff, Zach and Tori Roloff’s son, who was born earlier this year. Baby J has been a darling ever since he was introduced to the world, and so far, Ember seems to be following her older cousin’s footsteps. As it is, the two Roloff babies are melting hearts with every photo and video clip that their parents share with the LPBW community.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]