‘One Piece’ Chapter 882 Spoilers: Germa 66 Saving The Strawhats After Defeating 10,000 Soldiers Of Big Mom

One Piece Chapter 882 is yet to be released but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. The upcoming chapter will be featuring the continuation of the battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri. Also, it will show how the Strawhat Pirates will escape in the hands of Big Mom. Will the Vinsmoke family and Germa 66 come to save them?

As shown in the previous chapter of One Piece, Luffy was having a hard time dealing with Katakuri, one of the sweet commanders of the Big Mom Pirates. With the help of his devil fruit power, Katakuri can easily imitate every technique Luffy is using. Also, his ability to predict the future gave him a huge advantage over the future Pirate King.

In the latest One Piece spoiler posted at reddit.com, Katakuri will be fighting Luffy more seriously. Like Charlotte Cracker, he also has a weapon – a spear called Mogura. Luffy learned that Charlotte Brulee heard his conversation with Nami. When Brulee was about to relay the information to Charlotte Perospero, Luffy tried to attack her but was stopped by Katakuri.

Perospero, who’s sailing with Big Mom on his “caramel wave,” headed to Cacao Island where the Strawhat Pirates plan to meet. Luffy has no choice but to defeat Katakuri first. He thinks of using “Gear 4” but the enemy already knows what he’s planning to do.

Meanwhile, Pekoms cries after knowing about Pedro’s death. Pekoms and Pedro both came from the Mink tribe and former member of the Nox Pirates. When Pedro was caught for the first time by the Big Mom Pirates, Pekoms begged for his friend’s life. Unfortunately, he can’t do anything when Pedro decided to sacrifice himself for the Strawhat Pirates.

One Piece Chapter 882 will also feature Capone “Gang” Bege and the Tank Pirates successfully escaping from Charlotte Mont d’Or. After losing track of the enemy’s ship, Mont d’Or received an information from the Denden-Mushi that Germa 66 was defeated by 10,000 soldiers. It was revealed that Vinsmoke Niji was the one talking in the Denden-Mushi.

The truth is that the Germa 66 crushed all the enemies who are chasing them. After getting all the information they need from Mont d’Or, they immediately headed towards the location of the Strawhat Pirates. The Vinsmoke family and the Germa 66 could be planning to save the Strawhats in the hands of Big Mom.

If not with the Strawhats, all the members of the Vinsmoke family, excluding Sanji, are dead by now. They may have lost their emotions but they sure know how to pay their debts. A full confrontation between the Germa 66 and the Big Mom Pirates is expected to happen soon. It’s also intriguing to know how Luffy will be able to defeat Katakuri.

One Piece Chapter 882 will be released on October 23, Monday, and will be available on Mangastream and other manga websites.

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