Who Is Clarke Gayford? NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s Partner Suddenly In The Limelight

New Zealand Labour Party politician Jacinda Ardern is going to be the country’s next prime minister. She, at the age of 37, is one of the youngest national leaders around the world. Meanwhile, her partner Clarke Gayford is suddenly in the limelight.

Ardern is going to replace Bill English, whose National Party has been ruling the government for nine years. Even though English’s party won more seats than any other single party, it failed to secure 61 seats that is the minimum requirement to form the government.

New Zealand First’s Winston Peters decided to form a coalition with Labour Party, which helped young Jacinda Ardern become the youngest woman to become New Zealand’s prime minister.

On the other hand, Clarke Gayford is now getting all the media attention. Even though he has only around 5,000 followers on Twitter, Gayford is likely to have more followers as he is all set to become New Zealand’s First Man.

At present, he is the host Fish of the Day. The official website of the TV series explains why he is most suitable person to host the show.

Since childhood, Gayford has considered the NZ coastline his backyard. He managed to memorize all the English, Latin, and Maori names of fish at the age of 10. He was so obsessed with fishing that his parents tried to dissuade him by sending him to a land-locked boarding school.

Nevertheless, the passion passed the test of time. And, Gayford has been hosting various TV shows on music, travel and entertainment for the last 15 years. Fish of the Day uses fishing as an excuse to visit the greatest tourist destinations around the world.

Jacinda Ardern was taken on a fishing trip by her partner Clarke Gayford when they started dating.
Jacinda Ardern was taken on a fishing trip by her partner Clarke Gayford when they started dating. [Image by Phil Walter/Getty Images]

At one point of time, Clarke Gayford was hosting George FM’s breakfast show so that he could fish in the afternoon. Eventually, he decided to quit the morning show in 2015 and focused entirely on fishing. He used his own savings to create Fish of the Day. And, the gamble has worked pretty well.

Gayford’s first contact with Jacinda Ardern happened when his local MP did not respond to his queries. He reached out to Ardern, met her for coffee and took her on a fishing trip later on. Ardern caught a 5.5 kg fish on her very first fishing adventure.

According to Stuff.co.nz, Kiwis will relate to a man like Gayford who is extremely passionate about fishing.

Gayford previously dated actress Shavaughn Ruakere.

[Featured Image by Hannah Peters/Getty Images]