‘Little People, Big World:’ Audrey And Jeremy Roloff Are Under Fire For Keeping Baby Ember In A ‘Straitjacket’

It took some time, but Jeremy and Audrey Roloff seem to have fully gotten accustomed to their parenting routines. After a rather tense absence in social media, the Little People, Big World couple is fully back online, constantly updating their Facebook and Instagram followers about their daily activities and adventures.

Needless to say, Audrey and Jeremy’s family is a sight for sore eyes. Auj, for one, recently shared some intimate and never-before-seen family photos over the weekend, and they are nothing less than perfect. Jeremy has also kicked his social media game into high gear, sharing photos of his growing family to his fans in a consistent pace.

In fact, over the past couple of weeks, Auj and Jer have been incredibly generous with the photos they share featuring their daughter, Ember Jean Roloff. The youngest member of the Roloff family just turned 1-month old, and she is undoubtedly the apple of both her parents’ eyes. Thus, when photos of Audrey and Jeremy do appear online, there’s a pretty good chance that Ember would be in them too.

Unfortunately for the reality TV couple, some members of the LPBW community have noticed something with the sudden influx of Ember’s photos. Many, for one, have taken issue with the fact that Audrey seems to be carrying Ember in a way that makes the baby feel uncomfortable.

Jeremy and Audrey usually carry Ember around in a baby wrap, a popular way for mothers to carry their child around in a secure and comfortable manner. Baby wraps, also called baby slings, are believed to provide some benefits for the child as well.

A 1986 Canadian pediatric study, for one, stated that infants who were carried around on a wrap for at least three hours a day cried 43 percent less than their non-wrapped counterparts, as noted by Top Ten Reviews on its list for the best baby wraps available on the market as of December 2016.

For some members of the Little People, Big World community, however, Auj and Jer’s baby wraps for Ember look really uncomfortable for the newborn baby, to the point that they might actually be harming the child.

“That looks incredibly uncomfortable for her,” one commenter wrote.

“You may want to readjust the baby’s positioning in the carrier. Her legs appear to be too spread out, and this is not a good position for the baby’s hips,” wrote another.

Some fans even took their criticisms further, remarking that Audrey and Jeremy seem to be deliberately trying to prevent Ember from moving at all.

“She’s in a straitjacket!” wrote one LPBW fan.

Looking at Ember’s other photos and videos, however, it seems like the youngest member of the Roloff family is doing just fine. If any, Audrey and Jeremy’s little bundle of joy appears to be enjoying all the attention she is getting from her immediate and extended family.

What do you think about the baby wraps that Audrey and Jeremy are using for Ember Jean Roloff? Is the reality TV couple using the wraps wrong, or are Little People, Big World fans just getting a bit too concerned? Sound off in the comments below!

Little People, Big World is currently filming its newest season and is expected to return on TLC later this year.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]