Tim Tebow A Quitter? Mark Sanchez To Start Sunday As Rumors Swirl Around NY Jets

Is Tim Tebow a quitter? The seldom used Jets quarterback will be sitting on the bench once again this Sunday as Rex Ryan has decided to give Mark Sanchez another chance to run the offense during the team’s season finale.

Rumors have been circulating this week that Tebow quit on his team and refused to be a part of the wildcat offense.

Tebow denied the rumors, saying that he was “disappointed” that he has been branded a quitter, but the Jets still aren’t willing to give the former Mile High Messiah a chance as the starting quarterback.

The team benched Mark Sanchez last week but decided to start Greg McElroy instead of Tebow. NFL.com reports that that McElroy is out for a possible concussion for Sunday, and the Jets will put Sanchez back into the starting lineup, once again, instead of Tebow.

If Tebow wasn’t a quitter before, he should be now.

The Jets haven’t given him a fair shot all season, and, with reports circulating that Tebow is moving to Jacksonville next year, the third string quarterback should enjoy the view on Sunday, shake hands with his soon-to-be-former teammates, and say good riddance to New York.

It’s unclear if Tim Tebow is a quitter, but it is clear that the Jets have given up him. The Jets could have mended their broken relationship by starting Tebow in a game that really doesn’t matter for them. Instead, they decided to rub a little more salt in the wound.

What do you think of the Tebow/Jets/Sanchez situation? Are the Jets refusing to play Tebow because he quit on the team?